Saturday, 1 September 2012

Palestinian Women: FULL Liberation is Our Goal

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

  Aspiring to be FREE ... Determined to kick them out...

 Palestinians, especially Palestinian women, have realized that their future can NOT be materialized with chaining themselves as slaves to the self appointed “Chosen”, “masters”, "warlords", “elite”, “bankers” and “financiers”. This is called suicide by enslavement. We see it happening all around us in the “civilised”, “democratic” and “capitalistic” (or should I say “Cabbalistic”?) world, at the hands of the same “elite”.

Palestinians can only have a future when they sever every tie with the criminal rapists “Israeli Jews” and FULLY Liberate their homeland from the occupiers, who have failed during a whole century to behave like normal human beings.

There is no future for the occupiers in the land they have colonized by wars of conquest and aggression.

Forced marriages with rapists are unethical and inhumane.

We Palestinians, especially Palestinian women, we REFUSE such UNHOLY union.


The Sumud that kept us going for a 100 years will keep us going until the FULL Liberation of Palestine .


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