Wednesday, 17 October 2012

PARLER POUR NE RIEN DIRE اذا كان الكلام من فضة فالسكوت من ذهب

By Daniel Mabsout
Graphics by Alex 

Every ambitious politician nowadays finds out he should address the issue of Palestine, and this because there is great pressure exerted world wide , by the general public opinion, to address this issue . Even Obama had to promise to solve the Palestinian problem . As for the nature of this public opinion one should ask whether it is i...
ntelligent , purposeful , deep and serious or shallow and childish ? Or does this public opinion settle for anything like a child crying for a toy would settle for anything

Every ambitious politician knows also that the interests of Israel and the world order form a current of forces against which no politician can swim without suffering the consequences .

According to these two directives mentioned above , the politician has to move , he has to fulfill the actual demands of Israel and he has to fulfill the verbal demands of Palestinians .

That is why the world order does not mind that all become pro Palestinians and raise the Palestinian flag. Even Peres said during Gaza war that he loved Palestinian children and he wanted them to have a good life and breathe fresh air ; and same for Erdogan who displays his support for the cause while deploying the NATO missile shield to protect Israel.

What the world order is trying to do is to keep the public opinion in its unintelligent , misinformed childish state .The world order does not mind supporters of Palestine who are against Iran or supporters of Palestine who are against Syria and against the Lebanese Resistance , because their support to the cause is to no avail ; it will not lead to anything because they are people trying to go in two opposite directions at the same time , the resultant of which will be going nowhere.

As long as the pro Palestinian opinion does not mature to become purposeful and successful, the world order does not mind it and Israel does not mind it but rather caters to it because it will have a say in the matter.

When peace activism started becoming a serious matter beginning with Rachel Corrie , Galloway and then the Mavi Marmara , and activists started assuming fully the responsibilities of their mission carrying the job to the end regardless of the difficulties and sacrifices , the world order was not happy , even Erdogan got scared , the activists were intent on ending the siege and sending more convoys by sea and by land .

This had to stopped and for this reason, the Israelis committed the slaughter on the Mavi Marmara, and for the same reason, the second Mavi Marmara was prevented from sailing, and for the same reason the mission Aloha Palestine of Ken O’Keefe was abducted.. Were the movement not hindered and the activists not obstructed , we would have had hundreds of ships sailing to Gaza.

Finally the verbal support for Palestine should not be desired and catered to and should not be our objective , because it is desired also by Israel and the world order ; A vote or a chair in the UN , peace negotiations , two state solutions are only verbal objectives ; only that verbal support that is not blind and aimless and childish and that is connected to the intelligence of people and is part and parcel of the actual attainment , is desired , we should sow seeds and remove weeds and embark on our endeavor"
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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