Thursday, 4 October 2012

Videos: Dirty hands of " Israel " in Syria

Only five percent of "insurgents" in Syria are Syrians - the rest are vicious foreign mercenaries paid by the Zionist Cabal alliance.

"The exploitation of the Palestinian people? The criminal Zionist enterprise " Israel" should be permanently blocked and alienated from the " International Community" and from participating in any kind of trade - it's colonial past in South Africa and colonization of Palestine - its war on and infiltration in the destabilization of the Middle East are international crimes and crimes of humanity. “Israel" is a genuinely abnormal entity and should be declared insane; it is characterized by mental derangement causing unrest and danger to the world. Hiyam Naour June 18 2012

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Fake "pro-FSA" demonstration staged in Turkish border town - no warplanes??

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19 hours ago

FSA scum kill 72-year old Alawite woman - such great "men", aren't they? French sub

souria2011 souria2012 998mahony massacre civilian lie fake video free syrian army assad bashar damascus jihad terror Al-Qaeda NATO Qatar false ...
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ugly FSA scum in women's clothes - LOL!!!!! Zionist sharmuta's in action

18+ FSA terrorists killed a Syrian farmer, stole his car and burned his olive trees 2-10-12

17 hours ago


Aleppo: FSA terrorists film their evil deeds of destruction and feel proud
19 hours ago

18+ FSA Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria prepare a suicide attack...Shame on the US for supporting them
This is what the Syrian Government and the Syrian people are fighting today while the West and Saudi Arabia support them with weapons and money to ...
41 minutes ago

Syria: FSA terrorists using children as human shields and give them weapons
Siria: ribelli del cosiddetto "esercito siriano libero" armano bambini e li usano come scudi umani
16 hours ago

Syria: FSA recruits children-Siria: ribelli reclutano ragazzini
In this video we see an armed young boy with a group of rebels in a report by a french journalist. In questo video possiamo vedere un ragazzino in ...
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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