Friday, 6 June 2014


ED: Since day 1 of the so-called Syrian "revolution", I said:
Syria will be the grave yard of the Anglo-Zionist's world order, from its womb a new world order, a new Nasser, will emerge.
Few believed. Do you remember them saying: His days are numbered. He is killing his own people.

Here we are, as usual the Magic turned against the magicians.
They plan, and God plans, he is the best planner


Bashar Assad Announced Syria President for 7-Year Term

Local Editor

AssadSpeaker of the Syrian parliament Mohammad Lahham announced that Bashar Assad won the post of the Republic's Presidency for a new 7-year term, having the majority of participants' votes with 10.319.723 votes what equals 88.7% of the total number of voters.

Lahham added that the candidate Hassan al-Nouri gained 4.3% of the votes and that the candidate Maher al-Hajjar obtained 3.2% of the votes.

People took to streets in the different Syrian and Lebanese cities, celebrating President Assad win.

Source: Agencies
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