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Syrian troops patrol the village of Haydariyah, outside the city of Qusayr, on May 13, 2013.
A Syrian Army sergeant ostracizes the goof-offs in his platoon here in a photo from Alalam taken in Al-Qusayr
Nothing has served our readers’ appetite for humor more than the Great Southern Front.  It’s been talked about for months as being “built up”.  For a while it was discussed in the context of “unleashing”.  It was mentioned as though there were some huge division to back it up although nobody seemed to want to identify it.  Maybe, it was like Patton’s “Spruce Goose” division in England – a canard (so to speak) – a wooden decoy meant to confuse the Syrian Army.  But, that doesn’t seem likely either.  After thinking about this for some time, it seems the Southern Front is a big black hole – a collapsed star or dwarf that sucks in only nonsense, disinformation, pap, poop, propaganda and empty patter.
Yesterday, in Der’ah nothing much happened other than the usual surrenders and desertions back to old villages.  Oh, there was some skirmishing, but, hardly enough to keep a big army busy.  It wasn’t easy spending the day just playing canasta.
Yarmouk School in Der’ah City:  SAA laid an ambush for lethargic and wasted weasels. 17 vermin killed. No prisoners.
Northeast Al-Masri Roundabout: An attempt to surround a military outpost was defeated and 3 terrorists were killed.  The rest rushed back to the cheese factory.
Arba’een Park:  Skirmishing.  No details.
Al-Quds Mosque: Ditto.
Al-Hiraak – Al-Hurayk Junction: Another flatbed with a 23mm cannon was stopped in its tracks with 3 terrorists killed:
Kaheel:  Skirmishing with no details.
Itmaan: At the Green Mosque, 4 terrorists killed and 9 taken prisoner.
Umm Al-Mayaadhen:  No details about some fighting here.
Khirbat Ghazaala:  An attack on an outpost was repulsed with a confirmed 9 killed and observed direct hits on retreating terrorists.
  • Daawood Abu-Khaleel
  • Murtadhaa Al-Jallaad
  • Badreddeen Ma’tooq
  • Nu’maan Al-Khateeb
The rest were not identified.
Al-‘Abbaasiyyeen Bakery:  Police hunted down baddies and arrested 2 after killing only 1. 
Abu Bakr Mosque area:   Skirmishing with no details.
Slaughterhouses:  SAA slaughtered 5 terrorists and wounded 2 who are now warbling.
I know our readers in Germany will love this:
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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