Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ron Paul on Why NATO Needs to Be Shut Down

NATO should be a thing of the past

Speaking Monday on the Alan Colmes Show, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Chairman Ron Paul discussed the danger the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) poses to peace.
Paul explains his reasoning for shutting down NATO in response to a query from Colmes:
Colmes: You also believe NATO should be shut down at this point, correct?
Paul: Yeah, NATO for me is one of those entangling alliances that our Founders suggested we not get involved in. And, you know, Robert Taft was from the Old Right, which was more libertarian. Under the circumstances following World War II, he advised us not to get into NATO because it would invite more problems. And I think NATO is part of the reason we go into Libya, into Syria, now in Ukraine. And that’s all under NATO, It’s really not checking in with the American people whether it’s a good idea or not. I think that NATO’s an entangling alliance that we would be better off without.
Listen below to the complete 12 minute interview, in which Paul also addresses matters including neoconservatives’ efforts to block an Iran nuclear agreement, US involvement in the Ukraine coup and ongoing conflict, naval buildup near Yemen, opening up of trade between Cuba and America, and serious economic problems in America: Watch the Video here

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