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Nobody expected much from Operation Canopus Star which we touted last year, perhaps, a bit too long.  Nothing came of it.  But, now, we are in a different world and in a completely unique context.  With the Russian Federation wholeheartedly committed to the stability and durability of the government in Damascus, the terrorist network set up by Obama and his genocidal allies is beginning to fall.  Whether it is the death of ‘Alloosh in Eastern Damascus or the decapitation of Ahraar Al-Shaam’s leadership in Idlib/Hama, the Syrian military is now in a commanding position.  Let me repeat to my readers once again, the SAA and its allies in the Popular Defense Committees, the Ba’ath militias, Hizbollah, Iraqi militias and volunteer forces from Iran now comprise a military force of over half a million men and women under arms with access to the very best Russian and Iranian technology.

Al-Raashideen Suburb:  The SAA has opened up the guns on this large suburb of Aleppo as of dawn today in synchrony with the assault on Khaan Al-‘Asal.  The operation led to the Syrian Army’s firm control over Blocks 4 and 5 including areas dotted by unfinished buildings.  The SAA is now 30 meters inside Block 4 and in Manaashir Al-Hajar in Block 5.  The SAA has also successfully cut off the entire route on the Damascus-Aleppo International Highway in preparation for the encirclement of the terrorist vermin.

‘Ayshaa Village:  The entire area here was under total SAA artillery control since yesterday.  As of only one hour ago, the entire village has been liberated from the clutches of ISIS after delivering a knockout blow to its rodents who were cringing behind vulnerable fortifications.  Onward to Al-Baab.

Khaan Al-‘Asal:  Today, at dawn, the SAA began the operation to extirpate all terrorist groups from this area once and for all.  The operation started from 4 points with the SAA now having artillery control over the southern entrance to Aleppo City.  Weapons systems being used here are some which the terrorists have never seen and we expect screams and shrieks of astonishment on the communication lines used by the rodents to deliver the awful news to their handlers in Turkey.  And nobody can help them.


Al-Zaytoon Heights and Hizmir Hills all liberated by the SAA and PDC today as announced by a military spokesman for the MoD.

Ibleen-Ibdeeta Road near Al-Mawrek (Var: Mork):  The Syrian Army’s allies in the intelligence services spare no effort to use technology borrowed from the terrorists to use against those selfsame rodents.  Yesterday, 2 field commanders, one from Ahraar Al-Shaam and the other from Jund Al-Aqsaa, found themselves on fire while driving their Mitsubishi to some clandestine rendezvous.  You see, the SAA-MI people have penetrated the veil of secrecy which the terrorists never really enjoyed due to the inferior quality of their satellite communications equipment, especially those which were gifted to them by the Saudi cretins.  The SAA-MI knew exactly when the duo was going to leave and where they were going to be at every second of their trip.  The reason for that was because the vermin were ordered to transport themselves by somebody in Syrian Military Intelligence!  That’s how bad it has gotten for the unfortunate rodents.  They are now getting instructions from the SAA.  They are also being blow up by their own IEDs:
Muhammad Faayiz Al-Hussayn (Field commander for Jund Al-Aqsaa)
Abdu Fatteen Al-Jazzaar (Field commander for Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya)

Kafr Roomaa:  This was a special forces operation of the highest quality.  The trap was sprung near Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan and killed 19 rodents.  A complete field assessment was performed.  Here are the only confirmed identities:
Ghassaan Shuhayb (Leader of Jund Al-Aqsaa)
‘Abdul-Malik ‘Ali Sursuq
Mahmoud Jaami’ Al-Sharaf
Aktham Al-Haaj
The rest were all foreigners.

Awram Al-Jawz:  3 rats killed by PDC with a pickup truck being destroyed.  This was a Jaysh Al-Fath HQ 17 kms south of Idlib City.

Tal Al-Rummaan:  South of Saraaqib.  11 confirmed dead rodents from Nusra/Alqaeda and Jund Al-Aqsaa.  No other details.

Atshaan Village:  45 kms north of Hama, Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam lost 8 rodents and 2 vans.

Al-Zakaat Town:  Precise artillery strikes killed 7 hyenas:
Durayd Hassan Al-‘Askari
Hishaam Ridhaa Dallaal
Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Rayyis
The other 4 were not named.

Al-Lataamina:  SAAF active here.  An HQ was destroyed according to intercepted rat chatter.
 (Thanks to Rana Abboud)

 (Thanks to Samia Assade)

This one is from Aida, my wife, who sent it to me by email.  It says:  “Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!  I will soothe the hearts of the martyrs’ mothers with these pictures.  The death of the one called “Butcher of the Shi’a in Syria and Iraq”, Abu ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Qawqaazi, and 9 of his aides at the hands of the Heroes of the Holy Assembly of Popular Forces (Al-Hashd Al-Sha’bi) after he was arrested while hiding in one of the cellars in Bayji…..These photos are prohibited on Facebook.  We need 5,000 “likes” and 5,000 comments in the span of 5 hours so that they will not be removed from Facebook. 
Ziad’s Notes:  It appears the Iraqi militiamen beheaded this vulture and his aides.  Good show.   Watch carefully the events in the East Ghoutaa. It is evident the rat defenses are collapsing.  Sorry about not publishing yesterday.  We had a power outage due to inclement weather and I could not turn on my PC. Ziad

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