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The rumors are that the Geneva Conference, which would supposedly bring together all parties involved in the Syrian conflict with the exception of certain “terrorist” groups,  is not going to take place in late January as promised.  We expected such a delay because of the sea-change which has taken place on the battlefield,  a change so vast in its implications that the parties who most support the ouster of Syria’s legitimate leadership simply have lost their bearings and need time to reconfigure their tactics and strategies.  In a sense, it could be said that nations like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have misplaced their compasses, both objectively and figuratively.
The view from Syria was enunciated clearly by the Foreign Minister, Waleed Mu’allim, when he made clear his government’s right to know which parties from the opposition are going to be in attendance.  He was firm in rejecting the presence of any groups who were involved in violence against the Syrian people.  That, by itself, should have put everyone on notice that a paltry few groups could attend since almost all the opposition is classifiable as “terrorist”.  With all the talk about the absence of a “moderate” opposition on the ground, it doesn’t take a major leap of intellectual alacrity to understand that nobody should be invited unless they are present in their individual capacities with on-the-record disavowals of violence.
And, so too for the anti-Assad nations like Saudi Arabia and Turkey who are together the world’s biggest enablers of terrorism.  For this writer, it seems almost beyond absurdity to have at such a conference a grouping of cultural savages who openly espouse the overthrow of a sitting government of a member state of the United Nations, violating the very core of the U.N. Charter and a plethora of treaties and protocols which address exactly this issue in a pellucid, prohibitive style.  But, in a world in which a government like that of Saudi Arabia’s could hold membership in the U.N.’s Human Rights Council, anything is acceptable – anything is allowed.   Candidly, such a world engenders a weakened immunity to sociological disease – a disease nearly anthropological in its virulence as it continues to search out every nihilistic iconoclasticism in order to demolish all that which is sacred.
It is easy to understand why Russia invited Saudi Arabia and Turkey to send a delegation to Geneva.  The Russians are playing this game of diplomacy to the hilt.  Under Sergei Lavrov’s stewardship, nations are forgiven for their trespasses; after all there is little or no morality in the way states truck with one another – it’s all a matter of national interest which contains the amoralistic principle that just because you are complicit in the deaths of thousands doesn’t mean you don’t get invited to their funerals.  And, as a corollary to all this funereal Realpolitik, you don’t want to leave anyone with hard feelings which might backfire with even greater violence.  No.  The Russians are convinced that the presence of Saudi Arabia and Turkey is necessary for the “success” of the talks even though both nations are on record as violating international law with their open support for the world’s most sociopathic terrorists.

H.E. Mr. Faisal bin Hassan Trad, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(left), presents his credentials to Mr. Michael Møller(right), the Acting Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva. January 7th, 2014.

Saudi Wahhabist buffoon and child molester, Faysal bin Hassan Turaad of Saudi Arabia, presents his laundry list of fraudulent credentials to long-suffering Michael Muller who heads a panel on Human Rights in Geneva, of all places.  The imbecile’s smile only partially discloses the pure cynicism in appointing the Iron-Age kingdom to a post relating to the rights of human beings. 

The Turks have expressed doubts about the validity of the conference.  This is understandable because their relations with Russia are at rock bottom after they shot down a Russian Su24 that was attacking their heroic freedom fighters in Alqaeda; not to mention the over 12 billion dollars in losses attendant to the sanctions Moscow has imposed on Erdoghan’s autocracy.  Moreover, the Turks are still insisting on the overthrow of Dr. Assad’s administration, a relic of a time when the actual identities of many of the terrorists were not so crystal clear.  Turkey fears being outed as a bastion of terrorism if it attends Geneva with only their Khaled Khoja, the capo di tutti capi of NACOSROF,  pinned to their groin like some fig leaf.  In fact, Khoja himself, is a Turk, not a Syrian which makes his presence all the more suspicious.  The entire role of Turkey in this process is bizarre, to say the least, and should be reviewed for its advisability.  If terrorist organizations cannot be a party to the conference, why should their supporters enjoy such inclusion?  It’s a recipe for failure.
And all the more for the monkeys of Arabia.  Their own miserable foreign minister has declared his country’s willingness to continue support for terrorists if Dr. Assad does not abdicate his post.  A country so embroiled in the mass murder of Syrians could hardly be called a deserving partner in the talks since they are, without any doubt,  the biggest manipulators of terrorism in the world.  Instead of inviting Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United States, (the U.S., what a laugh), should jointly nuke Riyaadh and put an end to the plague of this Wahhabist species of cockroach.
There is no “opposition” worth talking about.  There is no “moderate” opposition worth mentioning.  The exiled opposition, of whom we have constantly made fun, are mostly convicted felons, greedy doctors and disgruntled elitists belonging to the old Sunni landed classes established by the Ottomans during their reign of terror in Syria.  The opposition, if it congeals or takes shape, has zero acceptance among the terrorists who are the main puppets of the Saudi, Turkish and Qatari state-terrorism actors.  Persons like Dr. Haytham Al-Mannaa’, if he were to fall into the hands of ISIS or Alqaeda, would be decapitated before a video camera, all dressed in his finest orange jump suit, with some masked rodent wielding a knife, spouting invectives with a British accent, and publicly exposing his ignorance for all to see and hear.  Meeting these chronic boors is an exercise in futility since their only hope would be to negotiate fresh identity papers enabling them to travel to Damascus without impediments.

Communist kiddy-show impresario,  George “Captain Kangaroo” Sabra, scowls for the camera, projecting limitless power as he waits for his monthly stipend from Qatar.  He used to head the “coalition” and is not expected to attend the Geneva talks because of lockjaw occasioned by too much grimacing.  Boo hoo hoo.
Well, to be brutally frank, this conference should be postponed forever.  Anyone who would sit at a table with Saudis, whose hands are dripping with the blood of the Syrian people, is acting out an insane fantasy.  That these savages are invited to confabulate, while their prehensile tails are deployed to steal the Swiss cutlery,  with decent and refined diplomats is an appalling proposition worthy of Ionesco.  But, what of Kerry?
This is even more unpalatable.  I don’t think the United States should attend the conference.  Kerry should be disinvited.  It’s bad enough you have the rotten English with their Saudi-obsequiousness unfurled like some stained bed sheet, the Americans, who, for years, have tried to topple our government, and who have delivered weapons and food to active terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, are even more discreditable – their record of killing innocent Arabs in the hundreds of thousands, worn like a gruesome smutch over a butcher’s frock.  There is no place for any country whose president holds the Nobel Prize for massacre or for a country whose foreign policies are dictated by diamond dealers in Occupied Palestine.
This conference is going to be a farce.  Ziad A. Fadel

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