Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Daniel Patrick Moynihan Proven Wrong By History (Or why you shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton)

A Fascinating Little Trip Back in Time…

The US has had some real basket cases serving as United Nations ambassadors over the years. There was John Bolton, who once ticked off the North Koreans so badly they referred to him as “human scum”; there was Madelaine Albright, who thought the deaths of half a million Iraqi children was “worth it” (Albright did a stint at the UN from 1993-1997 prior to becoming Secretary of State in 1997); there was the ever-delightful John Negroponte, who was implicated in death squad activity in Central America prior to becoming UN ambassador in 2001; and of course today we have Samantha Power, who backed US military intervention in Libya on “humanitarian” grounds and who presently serves as attack dog against Russia.
And then, of course, there was Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
Back in 1975, during the debate over Resolution 3379, equating Zionism with racism, Moynihan, our UN ambassador at the time, made the hilarious statement that Zionism “cannot be a form of racism.” He then went on to assert that Israel could never “become racist unless it ceased to be Zionist.” Talk about being proven wrong by history!
Moynihan referred to the UN resolution as an “obscenity.” The real obscenity, of course, turned out to be Israel and its occupation, its home demolitions, its never-ending land grabs and its compulsive shedding of innocent blood. The lady from Zambia got it right. Moynihan was dead wrong.
And if Moynihan was so wrong on Zionism, imagine how wrong he must be on Hillary Clinton! Fast forward–from 1975 to 1999: Hillary gets a ringing endorsement from Moynihan in her run for the Senate:
A fascinating little trip back in time.
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