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Ziad Fadel
 74 إرهابياً بين قتيل ومصاب في عمليات للجيش بدرعا وريفهاThe Syrian Army has put the kibosh on all the dreams of the Saudi/American/Jordanian/British terrorist supporters and enablers in Jordan.  The Southern Front has been exposed as a major strategic flop.  Even the terrorists, who are being supported by the U.S. despite claims that the Americans are fighting a war against them,  are losing men and materiel at a rate which is not sustainable any longer.  Efforts to recruit more terrorists among the thousands of refugees in the camps of Jordan have met with failure as Syrians are beginning to realize the trap into which they have fallen.  With Trump now plugging the inroads to the U.S., Syrian refugees have come to the unavoidable conclusion that their fate is in their country and under the leadership of one central government.  tO help these wretches along, the SAA has killed over 74 rodents during the last 72 hours.
For the last 4 days, without even a mention in the Zionist-controlled MSM, the Syrian Army has been battering the terrorists in Der’ah with an heretofore unseen ferocity.  It’s been now 8 months since the arrival of highly advanced artillery and rocket systems from both Russia and the Islamic Republic and the SAA has absorbed these new platforms with remarkable alacrity.

Der’ah City:  Using those new artillery and rocket systems, the SAA demolished the Nusra/Alqaeda presence in the Al-Manshiyya Quarter destroying one T-62 tank and killing all the crew aboard it.

Al-Furun Neighborhood:  Yesterday, the SAA artillery and missile units destroyed another tank incinerating the crew of rats in their seats.  Another pickup with 23mm cannons was also disabled.

Old Customs Building:  A mortar launch pad and its crew were liquidate when an SAA missile hit the bull’s eye.

Al-Nu’ayma:  An entire nest of rodents was annihilated 5 kms east of the City.  The terrorist rodents announced the deaths of these:
Maalik ‘Ali Abaazeed
Muhammad Raashid Abaazeed
Anas ‘Adnaan Kulayb  

Syrian Perspective obtained these names also:
Ghaalib Sa’eed Ansaari
Muhammad Mushaabik Farah
Zayn ‘Abdul-Ameer Fadhl
Badr Hassan Rahhaal
Ahmad Jaabir ‘Ali Al-Bardaan
We are but a few miles from Palmyra.  The SAA is moving slowly and cautiously into the areas most prized by the ISIS vultures.  We have learned that the SAA has poured large numbers of troops into the Bayaaraat area allowing the army to liberate Al-Kilaabiyya Village and all its surrounding farms.   As of today, the ISIS terrorist vermin have not been able to squeeze one single drop of oil from any of the oil fields it once controlled.  If anything will break ISIS, it is going to be its imminent bankruptcy.  Turkey is no longer able to keep a lid on its purchase of oil from the fields of Syria.  Erdoghan is approaching this problem gingerly lest he alienate, once again, his newly acquired Russian partners.  With Saudi Arabia, a bankroller for terrorism, itself on the red side of the ledger, ISIS will begin losing members at a rate far greater than what exists today.
IDLIB:  Ziad told you that Idlib would become a self-inflicted slaughterhouse for the terrorist rodents who have congregated there.  And, so, it is taking place now.  Yesterday, reports came in of rodents in Khaan Shaykhoon,  from the various factions of the FSA, such as Jabhat Tahreer Al-Shaam, being forced to kneel down for execution at the hands of Jund Al-Aqsaa.  According to Wael, in Latakia, many were beheaded in the classic style of ISIS using dull blades to sever the head from the rest of the carcass.   The mass executions were carried out in the presence of hundreds of horrified civilians who transmitted the events to the central government.  The speeches preceding each act of savagery indicated dissatisfaction with “moderate” terrorists participating in the Astana and Geneva peace talks.

In another event underlining the pure amorality of the United States and its Zionist allies, Jund Al-Aqsaa advertised its slaughter of over 100 so-called members of the FSA.
“5th Infantry Division:
Saddaam Abu Ayham Al-Hamad
Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Shaykh
Ihsaan Muhammad Al-Laban
Muhammad Al-Naasser
‘Abdul-Mun’im Al-Naasser
Moussaa Al-Saalih
Sulaymaan Al-‘Abdullah
Sulaymaan Al-Khashabi
Ibraaheem Mousaa Al-Ramadhaan
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Jaassim
Muhammad Al-Ramadhaan
Na’eem Al-Subay’iy
Khaalid Al-Subay’iy
Khaalid Nooreddeen Al-Judoo’
Khaalid ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Judoo’
‘Aamer Al-Judoo’
‘Abdul-Razzaaq Saalim Al-Jalmood
Hussayn Shihaada Al-Raheel
‘Abdul-Qahhaar Al-‘Ubayd
‘Izzeddeen Anwar Al-Rahmoon
Taariq Mustafaa Al-Judoo’
Waleed Ziyaad ‘Abdul-‘Azeez
Muhammad Fadhl Al-Judoo’
Ridhaa Al-Darweesh
Mahmoud Al-Jaraad
Yaaseen Al-Jaraad
‘Abdul-‘Aleem Hassan Al-Thalji
‘Abdul-‘Aleem ‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Hassan
Muhammad ‘Abdullah Al-Hassan
Khaalid ‘Abdullah Al-‘Ubayd

And the list goes on and on.
ASTANA AND GENEVA:  The list of “opposition activists” who attended the new conference at Astana II:
1.  Nassr Al-Hareeri  – Opposition Coalition
2.  Muhammad Sabraa – Independent
3.  Muhammad Al-Shamaali  – Turkmen Coalition
4.  Fu`aad ‘Ulayku  – Kurdish Coalition
5.  Alice Mufarrij – Coordination Committee and Islamist cross-dresser
6.  ‘Abdul-Majeed Hamw – Coordination Committee
7.  Nash`at Tu’ayma – Coordinating Committee
8.  ‘Abdul-Ahad Istayfu – Coalition
9.  Khaalid Mahaameed  – Cairo Platform
10. Basma Qudhmaani – Independent and CIA agent par excellence
11. ‘Alaa` ‘Arafaat – Moscow Platform

Military Delegates:
12.  Faatih Hassoon – Jabhat Tahreer Homs
13.  Bashshaar Al-Zu’bi – Southern Front
14.  Mu’tassim Shamir – Yitzhak Shamir’s grandson and member of Faylaq Al-Rahmaan, Southern Front
15.  Ahmad ‘Uthmaan – Liwaa` Al-Sultaan Muraad – Northern Front
16.  Ziyaad Al-Hareeri – Southern Front
17.  Haytham Rahma – Faylaq Al-Shaam, Northern Front
18.  Khaalid Al-Naabulusi – Southern Front 


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From Waf, Pat and Latif, Syrian children finally smiling as the rodents are being exterminated.
One Million barrels of oil have arrived in Syria at the port of Tartous.  The petrol will be crucial to the restructuring of Syria’s energy sector and provide citizens with much-needed fuel.  

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An American terrorist rat teaching his Syrian rodents the techniques of terrorism somewhere in Turkey.  (Thanks, Latif)
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