Friday, 17 March 2017

Good shooting: Syrian army: Israeli jet shot down, another hit

Syria defense
Syria defense
The Syrian Army says four Israeli jets breached the Arab country’s airspace on Friday morning, adding its air defense shot down one of the aircraft and hit another. 
The Syrian air force fired numerous anti-aircraft missiles at the intruding warplanes, which carried out fresh airstrikes in the Arab country.
In a Friday statement, the Israeli military said its warplanes bombed several targets in Syria. Several anti-aircraft missiles were launched from Syria following the mission, the statement said.
It also said the Israeli air force “intercepted one of the missiles,” adding the explosion caused by the incident set off sirens in the Jordan Valley of the West Bank.
Israel and Syria are technically at war due to Tel Aviv’s continued occupation of the latter’s Golan Heights since 1967. Tel Aviv has also been supporting the militants operating to topple the Syrian government.
The Israeli military has been carrying out air raids against Syrian-based targets on many occasions, but it rarely acknowledges the attacks.
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Some of the attacks have reportedly struck targets belonging to the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah, which has been assisting the Syrian military in the face of the militancy.
In addition, Israel has been offering medical treatment to the militants fighting Assad, who would reach Golan as well as entering the Syrian territory to carry out spying operations.
Late last month, Israel’s Channel 2 said the regime had sent its troops on repeated spying missions into a village located half a kilometer inside Syria’s territory.

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