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“Exclusive to Syrper” by Canthama

As mentioned yesterday in the Syrper comment section, the triangle made up by the Arak village, Arak gas field, T3 complex were all liberated. Sometimes the process of villages/sites liberation goes through a longer path such as:
  • battles on the outskirts,
  • fire control,
  • inner site battles,
  • fake retreats,
  • IEDs/mines cleaning and finally
  • full MoD liberation announcement.

We have seen this process over and over, sometimes shorter sometimes longer, Arak/T3 falls into the longer path category.
The latest information from this front accounts to 5th Corps, Liwa al QudsHezbollah and the newly arrived 103rd Republican Guards advance to enlarge the safety perimeter around the newly liberated area in Arak/T3. ISIS is currently attempting several counter attacks in the area to delay quicker advances by the SAA, which under the apparent new Syrian High Command military doctrine, the enemy’s counter attacks are exploited to the maximum in reverse, meaning, it used to increase enemy’s casualties and to create vacuum areas behind enemy’s lines. This process has also shown excellent results over the past 18 months in Syria, you can see this path repeating itself in many of the battles fought since early 2016.
Next targets to be liberated by the allied forces are as follows, in the path to Der ez Zor:
  • Sabkhat Ḩisyān al Munbaţiḩ area and its farms around it-following the pipeline to Der ez Zor.
  • Bi’r al Bayāţirah and the vital Bir Al Jafeef, one of the most important crossroad in the Syrian desert, it gives access to several water wells and reservoirs. It is a must do prior to the capture of the village of Humaymah in the T3-T2 road.
  • Should we hear battles near the al Hail and Doubayat gas fields, it may mean the allied forces selected the pipeline way toward Der ez Zor (in fact the shortest one) while by passing al Sukhanah ISIS stronghold. It is a risky option but with proper flanking protection further south by crossing T3-T2 road, it can be managed in a wider spearhead type of front (similar to previous Palmyra advances and Tiger Force style advances).


The Tiger Force’s path to control of the Safieyh crossroad was anticipated at Syrper earlier last week, when we mentioned that after the battle for Maskaneh the Tiger Forces and allies would spearhead straight toward this important and strategic crossroad, there were many reason for doing that such as:
  • Control SDF expansion south of Tabqa airbase,
  • Control the many profitable gas and oil fields in southern Raqqa Province,
  • Cut ISIS from a critical crossroad that controls movement to eastern Hama and Central Homs,
  • Shape a cauldron in eastern Khanaser to flush ISIS from it without battles and time loss,
  • Shape a new cauldron in eastern Hama and central Homs in an attempt to push ISIS to few mountain roads in and out of the intended new cauldron.

Latest news on this front line points to further advanced eastwards from Safieyh crossroad and the liberation of more oil and gas fields, such as Thawrah and very close to liberate the Waheb and Ammala fields south of Safieyh crossroad.
A critical point is the approach toward the Ithriyah gas field, which would indicate the fire control of Zakia crossroad and the final closure of eastern Khanaser cauldron.


News from Daraa will soon emerge from MoD with the full liberation of the Palestinian camp, the impressive advance by the 4th Mechanized Division and its allies.
The battle for Daraa city is part of the much larger battle for the Syria-Jordan and Syria-Iraq borders control. Both Syria’s and Iraq’s Government are completely aligned on the path to liberate all Syria-Iraq border as shown in the recent picture taken by the High Command meeting from both military organizations in Baghdad.
Excellent short video from a Syrian reporter in the Syria-Iraq desert border on the human aspect of this war and its heroes.
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