DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5:00 P.M)- Another protestor has died of their sustained bullet wounds today, in Gaza.
Mohammed Sami Al- dahdouh, 30 years old, killed by israeli sniper
The Gazan ministry of Health reported that 30 year old, Mohammed Sami Al- dahdouh, has died today of wounds sustained during a Friday demonstration at the Gaza-Israel border fence.
Israeli Sniper responsible for murdering Mohammed Sami Al- dahdouh

Mohammed was taking part in one of many demonstrations – that occurred throughout the Gaza Strip – this Friday (22/12/2017), when he was shot in the chest by an Israeli sniper.
Mohammed Sami Al- dahdouh, moment after shooting
Despite being immediately evacuated from the scene by Gazan medical personnel, he has today passed away from his sustained bullet wound. He is the third man from Gaza to have died from their injuries, inflicted on Friday.