Sunday, 25 February 2018

israel egregiously abuses and mistreats Palestinians the way Nazis brutalized Jews

by Stephen Lendman
Israel egregiously abuses and mistreats Palestinians the way Nazis brutalized Jews.
They were condemned and punished for their high crimes. The world community lets Israel get away with cold-blooded murder and much more.
On Thursday, Jericho resident Yassin al-Saradih died hours after Israeli soldiers lawlessly arrested him. He committed no crimes.
Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs head Issa Qaraqe said he was tortured and beaten to death in custody – calling what happened “a crime, execution and premeditated murder at the hands of occupation forces, which reflect the level of brutality and terrorism of the soldiers.”
According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers stormed Jericho belligerently pre-dawn, a common practice occurring multiple times daily throughout the territories – communities invaded, homes broken into violently, families terrorized, children traumatized, lawless arrests made.
Jericho eyewitnesses said soldiers stormed the home of Khamis Hattab after blowing open the door. His nephew al-Saradih went to the house to see what happened, concerned for the welfare of his relatives.
Israeli soldiers violently assaulted him straightaway, beating his upper body severely, firing a toxic tear gas canister at him, then dragging him to a military vehicle.
He was taken to an unknown location. Hours later, his family was informed of his death. Video footage showed soldiers beating him brutally with rifle butts and feet.
He was savagely beaten to death in custody – cold-blooded murder by any standard. Israel lied claiming he died from tear gas inhalation and seizures.
In custody, Palestinians are systematically subjected to physical and psychological torture, along with other forms of abuse – children treated as violently as adults, women severely mistreated like men.
Cruel, degrading and inhumane treatment is longstanding Israeli policy, affecting virtually all Palestinians in custody.
A statement by the Addameer prisoner support group condemned what happened, saying “Israeli occupation forces bear total responsibility for” al-Saradih’s murder, adding:
“Addameer and the Palestinian prisoner club see Yaseen’s death as a continuation of the Israeli policy of the extrajudicial killing of Palestinians.”
“Israeli occupation forces routinely use excessive force in an unnecessary and disproportionate manner, which is in violation of international law.”
“International humanitarian law prevents the usage of excessive force against protected persons who do not form direct and actual threat.”
Extrajudicial killings are egregious violations of fundamental humanitarian law, countless numbers of Palestinians victimized by Israeli brutality.
Hundreds of Palestinians were extrajudicially killed in Israeli custody, others dying from medical neglect or torture.
Systematic Israeli brutality against Palestinians has been ongoing since establishment of the Jewish state – historic Palestine stolen to create it.
Palestinian lives and welfare don’t matter. They’re exploited, brutalized and murdered in cold blood.
The world community turns a blind eye to Israeli viciousness, complicit with its lawless for failure to confront it responsibly.
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