Friday, 13 April 2018

The tale of two Talmuds

“Running two sets of books” is a term generally used in regards to false accounting, something perhaps a company would do to avoid paying tax or something you would associate with US Treasury Accounting Department in regards to inflation, money supply or the cost of wars to control ME oil. But no in this case my title was prompted by something a Zionist wrote in a forum which I’m not even a member of, he wrote “Here is an accusation that the Talmud has been hid and changed. Though I am not going to waste my time verifying, I believe there are early versions of the Talmud that are older than the oldest version of the Koran, that have only been changed by translation.”

Now whether that’s a deliberate lie or simply a case of ignorance I’m not sure. Consider this website , it’s not a site that is motivated by politics, simply a site where someone is trying to sell old copies of the Talmud. It states “Old Talmud editions, the first uncensored Amsterdam edition; I quote “The first Amsterdam edition of the Babylonian Talmud in the printing house of Emmanuel Benbenisti 1645/48 was the first Talmud edition without the Christian censorship after the three classical Venice editions of the 16th century that were almost completely burnt.
All the missing parts on Jesus, his disciples and early Christianity are restored in this edition, and also the dismission of words as goim, nokri, kuti and alike. After this edition all Talmud editions are again censored till the 20th century, including the following Amsterdam editions of Proops and the classic Wilna edition more than 200 years later. ”
In other words parts of the Talmud regarding the Jews natural hatred of Christianity, in fact any religion apart from their own, were censored out for 300 hundred years or so but now have been re-introduced into this book of hate.
The Jews are in fact running two separate books, two versions of the Talmud, one which has been sanitised for goy eyes, without the Judaism Uber Alles and the superiority of Jews over lesser creatures and the version which is actually used by Rabbis all over the word in corrupting the minds of Zionist Youth. So next time when you quote back to a Zionist some of the extremely offensive and anti-Christ sections of the Talmud, only to be told that that doesn’t even appear in the book, just ask them which version do they mean.

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