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One of the The fruits of Oslo was doubling the Jewish settlements over 10 years and creation of a ZIONIST AUTHORITY in WB, (The Promised Land of Uprooted Palestinians ).

Israel settlers on Acre started the Process of "Right of return" to PA land, while their fellow Settlers in WB are doing the same in West bank
forcing the right of return of WB Palestinians to the "The Promised Land in Gaza" and Pharaoh is massing his security forces to prevent the Return to the Sinai

Hamas was right in saying: Jewish assaults on Palestinians in Akre one of the fruits of Annapolis conference which was held last November and tried to consolidate the concept of 1948-occupied Palestine being the homeland for the Jews, encouraging more racism against 1948-Palestinians who already suffer from being treated as second class citizens. Ramon said it: Recognition of a "Jewish state" important as it means no right of return. One of the eight points document was clearly talking about mutual exchange of people and lands between the Israeli occupation government and the PA.
Livni is looking forward to a Palestinian state absorbing all refugees,
Settlers in Akre got the message and since 5 days are heping the Palestinian "Refugee" in Acre, to return to their home land.

It's a conspiracy, blessed by European, US, Israeli, PA, and Moderate Arabs against the Palestinians who decided to stay, the "strategic threat to the Hebrew state",

Israeli Attacks against Arabs Enter 5th Day in Acre
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Israeli settlers’ attacks against Arabs of the northern city of Acre carried on in its fifth day despite the massive presence of Israeli police forces deployed in an effort to counter the clashes that began on the eve of Yom Kippur.

Police fired water cannons to disperse stone-throwing rioters in Acre, a former Crusader stronghold, arresting 32 from both sides on a day when three Arab homes were also torched and damaged, an Israeli police spokesman said.

On Saturday, leaders of the Arab community met with Northern District Police chief Cmdr. Shimon Koren and the head of the Acre police station.

They agreed that the Arab leaders would publicly condemn the driver who sparked the riots when he drove into an Israeli neighborhood late Wednesday night on the eve of Yom Kippur.

MK Abbas Zakour (United Arab List) said the Arab leadership in the city met on Saturday morning and discussed ways to avoid similar violence in the future.

On Saturday evening, representatives of the Jewish and Arab communities met to devise a plan to restore peace to the town.

An Arab family's house was set ablaze on Saturday night. No casualties were reported but the house sustained serious damage.

Two Arab-owned apartments in the Israeli, eastern section of Acre were torched on Friday night.

Israeli Police said on Saturday evening that the city was under control, despite criticism that not enough rioters had been arrested.

“We shall remain like a wall upon your chest, and in your throat like a shard of glass.” —Excerpt from Tawfiq Ziad’s “Here We Will Stay”

The right of no return

Salah: There is a conspiracy against Palestinians in 1948-occupied Palestine

[ 12/10/2008 - 10:49 AM ]

UM AL-FAHAM, (PIC)-- The prominent Muslim leader in the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands Sheikh Raed Salah has warned Saturday of a conspiracy that aims at displacing Palestinian citizens from their homeland in the 1948-occupied lands.
Salah, who was speaking to the Quds Press, said that this conspiracy is supported by regional and international parties. He explained that talk of exchanging lands and people between the Israeli occupation government and the PA negotiation panels persisted in this regard despite the strong objection from the Palestinian people.

He also accused the Israeli occupation government of dealing with the Palestinians living in the 1948-occupied lands as "strategic threat to the Hebrew state", and not as full-fledged citizens as Israel always alleges.

Moreover, Salah underlined that the Palestinians in the 1948-occupied lands were and still are suffering racial and religious discrimination at the hands of the successive Israeli occupation governments since 1948.

"Whoever reads the eight-point document that was achieved in Annapolis, could easily see that one of those points was clearly talking about mutual exchange of people and lands between the Israeli occupation government and the PA, which was also backed by European, US, Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab blessing.

"This is a clear indication that there was an attempt to create international, Palestinian, and Arab harmony to implement the Israeli policy of "transfer" of the Palestinian citizens in the 1948-occupied lands although others would like to use deceiving terms for that abhorred policy", Salah underscored, highlighting the danger of such policy on the Palestinian people.

He also pointed out that the attempts on the part of the Israeli security apparatuses to penetrate the Palestinian community in the 1948-occupied lands indicate that vision, ambition, and thinking of many Palestinian institutions working there have become more mature.

Salah was detained more than once in the past for his strong stands against the Israeli plans to Judaize Jerusalem city and the Aqsa Mosuqe, in addition to sealing off the Aqsa Foundation, which he headed, on orders of Israeli war minister Ehud Barak a couple of months ago.


Anonymous said...

'Maximum Jews, minimum Palestinians'

Ehud Olmert speaks out: Israel must espouse unilateral separation - withdrawal to lines of its own choosing. It's the only answer to the demographic danger, says this latter-day realist.

With Livini ee entered a new era:
Maximum Jews, no Palestinians

Anonymous said...

Israel can still be saved

"A Jewish majority exists between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, but based on the rate of population growth (Jewish and Palestinian), within a few short years there will be a clear Arab majority within the boundaries of Greater Israel."

"a policy of settling in areas of dense Palestinian population - is leading to an increasing mix between the two peoples, which will unavoidably bring about a binational state....."the intermixing of the populations will certainly lead to the emergence of a binational state"

"Palestinian cross the "non-border" into Israel. There are already more than 150,000 Palestinians illegally in Israel. At this rate, within a few years and without any official declaration, the Palestinians will realize their right of return and inundate the country."

"If we don't want a binational state, and if we want to go on living in a democratic Jewish state, we have to stop the vast flow of Palestinians into Israel before it's too late. To change the direction of the demographic development, the following steps have to be taken:

1. Israel has to be defined according to the demographic border - the one that president Bill Clinton defined at Camp David - return to that line, build an impassable border along the line and establish along the border a fence that will prevent any entry into Israel. It's easy to explain the need for a border in a period of suicide bombings, but separation is even more vital even if our relations with the Palestinians come to resemble the relations between Holland and Belgium: the importance of the border stems from the demographic threat to Israel's Jewishness.

2. Israel must state that in the long term it does not view itself as being responsible for the state of Palestine's economic situation, and in accordance with that, gradually stop allowing Palestinians to work in Israel. A job in Israel is not an inalienable Palestinian right, just as the Mexicans don't have the right to work in the United States or Israelis don't have the right to work in Europe.

3. Israel must bring about a situation in which Israelis will reside in Israel and not in Palestine, and therefore must evacuate all the settlements that will be across the border and return their residents to inside the boundaries of the State of Israel.

4. All these steps have to be undertaken immediately, and in the absence of agreement must be undertaken unilaterally. This is our right and our duty, and we don't have time to wait for an agreement, which may or may not come."

why all Israeli governments have consistently pursued the very opposite policy - encouraging settlement across the 1967 Green Line, encouraging Palestinians to work in Israel and refusing adamantly to close the country's borders to the illegal entry of Palestinians. The answer is well known: against a background of religious messianism, the extreme right supports the continuation of the settlement project, and because of political cowardice Israel's governments (Likud and Labor) have succumbed to the pressure of the minority of settler extremists and have refused to take action to save the democratic Jewish state.

Is it really too late? In 2003 the answer is: not yet. It is still possible to save the State of Israel, but only if all the steps above are taken, and soon. Without these measures, Israel has no chance of existing as a democratic Jewish state. If we don't demand that our leaders act now, the apocalyptic scenario of the binational state will indeed come to pass.

uprooted Palestinian said...

thank you for your great contribution.

Yehiam Prior, the author of the article, written 5 years ago, critized all Israeli govenments for the "policy of settling in areas of dense Palestinian population" failed to realize, that Magic could turn against the Magicians of Zion. The Zionist magician who failed to achieve the goal of greater Israel built the seperation wall and preparing sell out the WB settlers for a Jewish Israel between the Sea and the wall.

In Camp david, wadi Araba and Oslo, traitors, recognized Israel. In Anapolis, they reconized it as a Jewish state.

The traitor who sold the Right of return, may sell the right of Palstinians in 1948 land to stay in their home land,

The 130,000 Palestinians who decided to stay in 1948, are now 20% of the population and shall never leave.

Zionism is collapsing, and nothing may save Israel.

Today, I read the Angry arab telling that some 53% of Palestinians are against the 2 state solution.

uprooted Palestinian said...

"The majority of people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are against the creation of a Palestinian state neighbouring Israel, according to a poll by An-Najah National University. 54.3 per cent of respondents oppose the so-called two-state solution, while 42.5 per cent support it."
Posted by As'ad at 9:55 AM

Most Palestinians Reject Two-State Solution

Anonymous said...

Israel uses restrictions on Palestinians to Judaize Occupied East Jerusalem

The Israeli government is attempting to Judaize Palestinian East Jerusalem, and maintain a Jewish majority against the "demographic threat" of a higher Palestinian birth rate. To that end, the Israeli government is enforcing a number of policies aimed at establishing facts on the ground to limit the number of Palestinian residents in the city. To make any future division of Occupied Jerusalem almost impossible, the Israeli authorities are applying a combination of... Read Full Story