Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Predator

By Daniel Mabsout


This predator is feasting on human flesh and has been doing so for quite a while . US and UK have grown two extensions equal in size and importance to lift them up and allow them to soar high in the sky looking for living preys . These extensions are Israel and Saudia . The preys belong to multiple nationalities and religion and the predator does not distinguish between them . He will feast on Pakistanis , Afghanis , Iraqis and Palestinians and on Lebanese and Libyans and Syrians. The two criminal States : Israel and Saudia will make sure that the predator monster is being well fed .The crimes these two states are committing on behalf of US and UK are unimaginable . They are masters of explosions and car bombs and criminal attempts and massive assassinations , They hire killers and pay them to kill whether children , women ,civilians or old people . They supply them with weapons and send them after minorities and other Muslims , they kill pilgrims and people while they fast , worship and pray. They are raising hell in Syria right now so much that they seem very close to burning it . Syria will be their burial ground inshAllah .

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