Monday, 8 September 2014


משטרה חרדית לונדון
A Chabad rabbi and his son have been arrested for allegedly laundering money for a large London-based drug smuggling ring, Ynet and UK media sources are reporting.
Bais Moshiach, a non-official Lubavitch Center in London’s Stamford Hill neighborhood, was raided this evening by UK police and Interpol agents.
The director of the center along with his son were arrested on charges of money laundering.
The charges stem from a lengthy investigation and crackdown on unlicensed online pharmaceutical companies by police departments in the UK, France and Spain. The center is alleged to have laundered money on behalf of these illegal companies.
Following the arrests, large caches of potential evidence, including 30,000 GBP in cash, file cabinets, computers, hard drives and other effects, were hauled out of the center by investigators.
Another suspect wanted by police in connection with the case is believed to have fled to Israel.
If you have bought drugs which you think may be counterfeit, contact your GP immediately and the Medical Healthcare products Regulatory Agency on their hotline: 020 3080 6701.
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Anonymous said...

And then the money is sent to Israel to support the evil regime. The biggest drug, porn, extortion and war criminals reside in Israel.
If these guys are let out on bail they will flee to Israel. it's all a game for them.