Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Yemen Talks: Saudis Disrupting Prisoners’ Deal

The Saudi coalition and its mercenaries are attempting to disrupt the prisoner exchange deal, which was agreed to during the Sweden consultations. 
Based on the operational mechanism and timetable for implementing the terms of the deal, the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs presented a complete, accurate and professional list of prisoners, while the other party failed to comply. The number of names presented on the other party’s lists totaled 9,147, the majority of which were marked by disparities.
These disparities included 2171 repetitions, 1144 names of people who were previously released and 1460 fake names and lack of complete data. The other party’s lists also included 111 names of Al-Qaeda and Daesh members and 47 names of persons detained on criminal and moral grounds.
The National Committee revealed that while the other party tried to flood the lists with thousands of fake and repeated names, they ignored hundreds of their prisoners, making no mention of their names. The Committee noted that it had no objections to releasing the prisoners whose names were not mentioned if the other party committed to releasing all of its detainees.
The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, headed by Abdul-Qader al-Murtada, stated that the other party’s list is evidence of its lack of seriousness and its intent to circumvent the agreement. The committee confirmed its commitment to both the prisoner swap agreement and not allowing the coalition to disavow or disrupt it. The committee also called on the UN envoy Martin Griffith to pressure the other side and compel them to implement the prisoner exchange agreement.
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