Saturday, 17 January 2009

Its Time for a Resistant Government

Islamic Jihad Leader Calls for Resistant Government

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Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, Ramadan Shallah, said that the Palestinian resistance refuses the Egyptian initiative because it hasn’t met the four terms set by the resistance, calling on disbanding the Palestinian Authority and forming a resistant government.

In a phone call with Al-Jazeera satellite Channel, Shallah added that the resistance “hasn’t put all its options in one basket”, saying that the initiative didn’t include an instant Israeli ceasefire, withdrawal of the Israeli occupation army and full opening of the entire crossings. “We have submitted our notes to Cairo; however we haven’t received any positive reply so far.”
Concerning the Qatari-proposed Arab summit, the Islamic Jihad leader praised Qatar and the countries that have agreed on attending it, yet he denounced the Arab states that rejected it, saying “let them remove their names out of the disgrace list and agree on the meeting in Doha.”

In reference to some Arab countries’ support to discuss Gaza during the economic meeting in Kuwait, Shallah said “The Palestinian people’s blood is not merchandise discussed as the dollar and Oil, however it is blood that deserves an independent title of dignity and honor not a title next to the stock markets and shares.”

He also stressed on the role of the entire Palestinian factions that firmly coordinate among each other, saying “The occupation army is confronting a legendary resistance, and it hasn’t achieved any advance in the battlefield because the resistance fighters are bravely holding it off in the fierce battles taking place in two main axes: Jabaliya, northern Gaza and Tal el-Hawa, south of the Strip.”

"The Islamist resistance has earned a place at the table with blood,"

Fawaz Gerges in the Nation, here, thanks to "MON".
"...Many professionals, both Christian and Muslim Arabs, previously critical of Hamas, are bitter about what they call Israel's "barbaric conduct" against Palestinian noncombatants, particularly women and children. No one I have encountered believes Israel's narrative that this is a war against Hamas, not the Palestinian people. A near consensus exists among Arabs and Muslims that Israel is battering the Palestinian population in an effort to force it to revolt against Hamas, just as it tried to force the Lebanese people to revolt against Hezbollah in the summer of 2006. But Hezbollah weathered that Israeli storm, acquired a sturdier immune system and became the most powerful institution in Lebanon. In so doing it shattered Israeli deterrence, delivered a blow to US Mideast policy and expanded the influence of Iran, Hezbollah's main supporter in the region.

In my recent travels I was struck by the widespread popular support for Hamas--from college students and street vendors to workers and intellectuals. Very few ventured criticism of Hamas, and many said they felt awed by the fierce resistance put forward by its fighters. Israel's onslaught on Gaza has effectively silenced critics of Hamas .....will likely emerge as a more powerful political force than before and will likely top Fatah, the ruling apparatus of President Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority.

"No one dares any longer to question Hamas's right to represent the Palestinian people,...The Islamist resistance has earned a place at the table with blood," he told me....More than the war against Hezbollah, Israel's ongoing assault on Gaza has already undermined the legitimacy and authority of pro-Western regimes like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the eyes of many of their citizens..."
Fatima found his justification funny and embarrassing . Abbas said he did not know the summit was still on , then he said he could not get an OK from israel (qatar said it could get the OK for him ) and later admitted he was under pressure from those who fund fatah and its thieves . shame . He should have gone for the sake of the children of Gaza , He has just proved beyond any doubt He was always the wrong Leader among palestinians . im so happy he did not go so i could see the heros (islamic jihad and hamas ) instead . I was so happy not to see the AL Yahood and Mubarak there either . thank god "



fatima said...

I have never mocked Hamas and you know that . I just wish they dropped the Uniforms and the Banners around their foreheads to save their lives , they had too many enemis around them and even traitors who sold the cause for some shekels .
I have always believed in the Rockets even if they were not as sophisticated as the israeli arms . even if they manage to cause fear among the illegal settlers on Palestinian soil , that is better than nothing . I have always admired Hamas (and im a secular without a hijab )and i admire them even more now and also islamic jihad . sorry but I have no respect for Fatah , they sold the cause since Oslo accords .

uprooted Palestinian said...


I just commed on your comment, in agreement with every point you said about traitors Abbas and Mubarak.

Concerning mocking Hamas,
Where did I said you mocked Hamas???

Being a reader of PP, I just reminded you of those who mocked Hamas and Syria on every chance,I would here remind you about how they promated Zionist and March 14th movement propaganda on Syria, selling Palestine, and the Assasination of Imad Maghneye.