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Nasralla set the Record Straight with Pharoah, and "Revolutionary" Anal-sists

Updated after Nasralla speach

Copied from PP With this Title:

The One and Only Credible Arab Leader Speaks to Set the Record Straight.....

Sayyed Nasrallah to Comment Friday on Egyptian Claims against Hezbollah


"09/04/2009 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is scheduled to deliver a speech through a large screen on Friday evening (17.30 GMT, 20.30 Beirut Time).

Sayyed Nasrallah would comment, during his speech set to be broadcasted by Al-Manar TV, on the latest Egyptian aggressive claims against Hezbollah.

Sayyed Nasrallah would also tackle the latest developments in Lebanon and the region, namely the forthcoming parliamentary elections, during the speech.

On Wednesday, Egypt's state prosecutor claimed that Hezbollah was plotting to carry out attacks inside the country and "spreading Shiite ideology in Egypt."

According to a statement from the prosecutor, "Egypt's attorney general received a note from state security about information confirmed by questioning about Hezbollah leaders sending some elements to the county to attract members to work with the organization and persuade them to join its ranks with the aim of carrying out acts of aggression inside the country."
However, the statement did not give details of possible attacks.

Hezbollah stressed on many occasions that it had no activity outside Lebanon and that its sole focus was on countering Israeli threats against Lebanon and confronting any Zionist aggression on its soil."

# posted by Tony : 10:38 AM

My Comment:

No doubt Nasrallah is the most credible Arabic and Moslem leader.


Tony in emphasining that Nasrallah is One and Only Credible Arab Leader, is mocking Palestinan. Syrian and Irani Leaders rather than praisng Nasrallal.

Mashaal and Hamas Leaders are not credible because they never set the records straight with Cairo Taraitor.

This how Tony use Hezballah and Nasralla to cover his Zio-Ass. He, The Great Anal-ysist believes that Bashar Al-Assad is following the steps of Sadat, but he (Tony) never dared to criticise Nasralla for not setting the record staight with Syria, or with Iran...

( IAM NOT PUTTING SYRIA AND IRAN ON THE SAME BASKET WITH MOBARAK). In fact, despite secondary difference, Nasralla records were always straight, he considered both Syria and Iran as his partners in the Victories of 2000 and 2006.

Its is Geopolitics My Ass. God gave you brain (with one cell). Use it and think why Nasrallah avoided setting he record straight with Mubarak during 2006 war? Why he did it during the war on Gaza?

He did it on behalf of Hamas, most likely in co-ordination with Hamas. He did it because Mubarak contols Rafah Crossing, not Masnaa Crossing. Its Geopolitics STUPID

I would say to Tony: The best you can do is going to Toilet, before writing any comment.
"Kess Ikht ele alamak essaysi" (Using Layla Anwar words)

Nasrallah shall appear on Almanar after 7 hours. So you have enough time to some Anal-ysing


Nasralla, The One and Only Credible Arab Leader did it, "he disapointed the PP Analysist", and set the record straight, not only with Mubarak and other Arab puppets, but with some Arabs attempting /pushing "to present Hezbollah as Al-Qaeda, confirming that Hezbollah does not have extensions abroad and is not involved in any conflict in other Arab countries."

"His eminence stressed that his party does not intend to enter into any form of enmity and conflict with any Arab, Islamic or international regime in the world, confirming that its sole enemy remains the Zionist entity."

"However, in facing the Zionist criminality, it's our duty to help the Palestinians, just as it's their duty to help us in the same circumstances."

His eminence recalled that he has personally urged the Egyptian regime to open crossing with Gaza. "Then, it was our duty to denounce the Egyptian regime for its refusal to open the crossings," Sayyed Nasrallah said. "Right after this stance, a political and commercial huge campaign was launched in Egypt against me and Hezbollah, under the instructions of the Egyptian authorities and intelligence. Yet, we considered the campaign as a reaction and a natural price for our stance and we were ready to pay it."

"If aiding the Palestinians is a crime, then I am proud of it," Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized. His eminence noted "that the aim here is to agitate the Egyptian people and to defame Hezbollah's pure and bright image. This aims to only please the Americans and Israelis for the Egyptian regime has failed by all means."

In the Arabic version (Complete) he said:

"During the hard days of 2006 I addressed Arab Leaders: We don't want anything from you otherthan leaving us alone, just don't conspire on us."


"but as Palestine is concerned we demand Arab leaders to suport Palestinians, to break the Seige.'

In other words Nasralla did what what Hamas, because of geopoltics, can't do

أنا في أصعب أيام حرب تموز عندما كان سلاح الجو الإسرائيلي مخصص لنا على مدى الساعات بشكل دائم أكثر من مئة طائرة حربية تقصف بيوتنا ومراكزنا وقرانا ومدنا وأحيائنا أنا قلت تحت القصف نحن لا نريد شيئاً من الحكام العرب، ويومها قلت كل ما نريده فقط أن يحلوا عنا أي دعونا وشأننا، لا تتآمروا علينا ولا تسيئوا لنا فقط ولا نريد منكم شيئاً. والله لا نريد منكم لا دعم سياسي ولا دعم معنوي ولا دعم مالي ولا دعم عسكري، فقط أن لا تسيئوا لنا وأن لا تتآمروا علينا وأن لا تتهمونا ظلماً، طبعاً هذا في ما يعني حزب الله، لكن في ما يعني فلسطين نحن نطالبهم أن يتحملوا مسؤولياتهم وأن يساعدوا شعب فلسطين المظلوم والمضطهد الذي يعاني هذه المعاناة الطويلة منذ أكثر من ستين عاماً، أن يفكوا الحصار عنه وأن يساعدوه في إعادة إعمار بلده وبيوته ويمكنوه

Nasralla confirmed (in the Arabic text) that the Arab Puppets cornered by Hezbullah victories, cleanhands, transparcy has nothing to say, to spoil the great image of Hezbulla other than:

  • Hezbullah is spreading Shiism.
  • Nasrallah is an Irani agent.


أما الاتهامات الأخرى فليس لها قيمة، أنا عميل لإيران؟! أنا وحزب الله صديق لإيران ونعتز بهذه الصداقة ونفتخر بهذه الصداقة وأتمنى أن تحظى حركات المقاومة في لبنان وفلسطين والعراق وكل المنطقة بأصدقاء مثل إيران ومثل سورية

"To acuse us of being agents for Iran is also meaningless. Hezbullah and me are Iran friends, proud of that Friendship, wishing all resistance groups in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and all the regoin to have Friends like IRAN and SYRIA" his eminence emphasized.

Being Syria "Lover", Tony would like Almanar Translation, not mine.

I wonder why he use diferent scale when Hamas is concerned?

Would TONY dare to say to Nasrallah (The One and Only Credible Arab Leader) the what he said to Hamas??

[["COMMENT: Say What?? This is a "Revolutionary" Movement leading the Palestinian struggle??

I Give Up, if this is the best that the Palestinians can come up with! "

# posted by Tony : 2:59 AM]]


AS expected the revolutionary anal-ysist posted Nasralla speach without Saying What? and without giving up.

He promised his readers to post a link to the Arabic version as soon as it is available. Its Available, and here is a 48 Minutes Vedeo.

Click Here Tony and Listen carefully in case you still able to understand arabic after 40 years stay at Uncle Sam's land.


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