Monday, 22 March 2010

The Latest Zionist Shit from Mollistine: "Qassam helping Israel"

Mahmoud al-Zahar: Qassams helping Israel. This Man is an Absolute, Fully Certified Idiot!

"Hamas strongman unsatisfied with renewed rocket fire, hinting it is aimed at undermining organization's rule in Gaza. 'We are aware of the fact that there are elements wishing to help the enemy divert the attention from what is happening in Jerusalem,' he says....."

(my comments in red)

His line is no different from that of the traitor Abbas. So, when Hamas stops the rockets, that is "resistance?"

"Ten months after the Zionist Israeli genocidal war on Gaza, the wounds are infected,still bleeding deep and wide open, Abed Rabbo has the nerve to suggest that Hamas is preventing "Palestinian military groups" from launching shells at Israeli targets bordering the Gaza Strip."

[And here is Abed Molly who forgot his calls and pulls on the third Intifada. Once it started, by Hamas Supporters, not by his secular Zionists, against the Occupation, not against Hamas as he hoped, he revealed his true color. The best way to divert attention from Intifada, and release the pressure on Israel and Ramalla traitors, is another war on Gaza.

My Ass: Show me where he said Qassam. he is talking about irresponsible element. Yes My ass, its resistance.

Arn't you the same asshole who told me "You ask, what can Hamas do? At a minimum hide, in the face of a superior force."???

Hamas dit it stood tall in the face of superior power, and the surprised angry arab wrote .

"I never expected much from Hamas in terms of military effectiveness, and I think that the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi-Dahlan plan was based on a low estimation of Hamas' military effectiveness."
"But Hamas performed far better than the expectations of its enemies and even of its leadership in Syria and Lebanon. "
Angry Arab


Hamas wants calm so that it has a chance to impose its social agenda on the Palestinian society in Gaza. Such as regulating the dress code and preventing men and women from being seen together or preventing men from working in women's hair salons!

[Yes Hamas wants calm so that it has the chance to get ready for the comming confrontation, to manage the battle of Jerusalem.]

Now I see why Israel originally encouraged the emergence of Hamas when Gaza was controlled by Israel: Keep the Palestinian society backward and the people busy memorizing the Quran.


As usual Bilal was great, here is his replies

What a distortion! Once again you fail to see past your own bias and prejudices. The group that fired the rocket were an Al-Qaeda type group that Gaza police have revealed were acting as a front for Fatah. Fatah have on numerous occasions disrupted ceasefires by firing rockets; do not act as if these people care about resistance, they care only about one thing - undermining Hamas. Therefore it is natural that Hamas would want to curb the actions of these groups, what you seem to advocate is a mad declaration of war. Hamas is a trustworthy patron of the resistance, I trust them and the Palestinian people trust them. You fail to mention that it was Hamas who called for the day of rage on Tuesday, that they have been advocating resistance as the STRATEGIC choice of the Palestinians since day one...

Today, 01:20:20 ص


...You seem to buy in to the lie that Hamas is imposing its agenda on the Palestinians in Gaza. This is part of the campaign of propaganda against Hamas and by extension the resistance. You wilfully play along with this campaign because of your hatred of Hamas. Without Islam, the people of Palestine would have sold out a long time and you should be thankful that they have such strong faith. Look at this recent BBC feature on women in Gaza What does this show? That Palestinians are a religious society by nature, not by force and guess what Tony? This isn't going to change soon, Palestinian Muslims will continue to read the Quran, to ponder the Quran and to memorise the Quran. Why do you have a problem with this? You need not be so bitter, secularism has failed, leftist politics have failed, the sooner you realise this, the better.

River to Sea
Uprooted Palestinian

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