Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Save Your Souls

The rules I follow are

  • Ignore the ignorant
  • Ignore the arrogant
  • With dishonesty, no real debate or dialogue is possible
Hence, I do not talk to or discuss anything with zionists, I only address them
As a Palestinian who suffered personally at the hands of zionists; a lifetime of horror, loss of home, loss of land, loss of homeland, loss of identity, loss of loved ones; I say: yes indeed they have robbed us of everything they could get their hands on, but not our faith, not our dignity, not our courage, not our humanity, not our love of life, not our hope!

As such, this is yet another call for those zionists who wish to save their souls:
You have come from far away countries, occupied our land by force and terror, oppressed our people with your might and power, furthermore, instead of showing good will or remorse and a sincere desire to befriend and live in peace with your neighbours; you still go beside yourselves to prove to us and to the world how reprehensible you have become, as you sink deeper and deeper into misdemeanour, corruption, fabrication and violence
What you fail to understand is that every thing in the world is a flux

The situation in the Middle East will not stay the same for ever
The support that you got accustomed to, will no doubt evaporate as your crimes get exposed
The balance of power will undoubtedly change
Sooner or later it will shift, and it won’t be a shift in your favour
And before you know it, you will suddenly find yourselves surrounded by billions of outraged Muslims and angry people from all over the world
Instead of preparing for a good future with the people who surround you, who are mostly Muslims; what do you do? You go berserk with your lies and aggression; and like a mad dog, you wage a wild decadent war against Islam as a religion and against Muslims as followers
What a pathetic vision of a pathetic tribe, who chose to implant itself in the heart of two billion Muslims!

Can’t you see the pitiable sad future you are creating for yourselves, generating only anger by your arrogance and uninvited aggression?
Instead of attempting to understand the culture and the faith of those around you, you go spewing lies and propaganda in an attempt to disfigure the Islamic resistance that refuses to bow down to your arrogance and greed

Instead of embracing the humane and civilized culture that is still willing to forgive you despite the horrors you have shown, by being nothing but a revolting boil in its midst; you go attacking the very religion that teaches its followers that forgiveness is better that revenge
Instead of trying to understand those humans whom you’ve wronged and dehumanized; you still feel smug and self-satisfied, drunken by your temporary superficial might, and you keep deluding yourselves by perceiving those you’ve oppressed as monsters and terrorist
Instead of opening your hearts to learning some aspects of civilization (such as compassion, honesty, generosity, hospitality, and tolerance) from your culturally-refined neighbours, you deceive yourselves by the delusion of your chosen-ness and you fantasise that your barbarity is a “light unto the nations”!
Be ware poor souls of zion; this wretched attack against Islam could be the final straw that will shatter your might once and for all

You still smother yourselves with conceit and self-importance as you shrivel into your tribal mentality, obscuring every opportunity of understanding, destroying bridges and building walls around your clan, isolating yourselves further and further away from the human family
The superiority features and nauseating arrogance that you display reflects only a poorer mentality and inferior morality if only you could grasp
You have disfigured and blemished your own faith, if only you could comprehend!
The same beautiful true religion that was once inclusive you’ve managed to reduce into the most tribalistic and exclusive ideology man had ever known!
You are very short-sighted in that sense, as you fail to look even a few years ahead!
For exclusivity is, by definition, finite, hence self-destructive

Hear me well clan of zion; even though we, Muslims, are not vengeful, nor are we unforgiving by the virtues of our faith; however if you continue in the same mannerism of barbaric behaviour in Palestine, along with your shameless hasbara masks; you will inevitably face your retribution

What you fail also to see is that the world around you is changing
The world is awakening to the reality of your crimes
And guess what? There is no going back
There is no way of covering-up your crimes now

I know that you are still living in your comfort bubble behind your “security” wall (psychological and physical); but be absolutely sure that when you come face to face with the hard reality about the changing world around you, the TRUTH will hit you hard like a tsunami as never before
And while you are still choosing to live in a state of complete denial, refusing to see what is happening elsewhere, the truth will strike in a manner unthinkable.
It will disturb your sleep as you wake up to the nightmare of your creation
Shatter your illusions as you open your eyes to the new reality
Paralyze your limbs as your missiles and weapons rendered useless
And silence your lies once and for all

NOTHING… NOTHING will save you then from the outrage and anger of the decent people of the world except what you could save NOW of whatever little left of your morality and humanity
Things as they stand now:
You are tiny tiny minority in a sea of Muslims that surrounds you, and an ocean of world population who are sick to their bones with your never-ending crimes and arrogance
Sooner or later you are going to find yourself in a position of vulnerability
Sooner or later the scale of power will shift
This is only natural
Think of what would you like to happen to you in this imminent future?
Would you rather carry on with your crimes against Muslims in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan…etc?
Would you rather carry on with your hateful lies and fabrication against Islam?
Would you rather create more and more enraged and infuriated enemies?
Or would you rather STOP your crimes, EMBRACE the TRUE owners of the land and WELCOME them back home, GIVE them their land back, SEEK PEACE SINCERELY and PLEAD for FORGIVENESS before it’s too late?
I am speaking with the same words that many before me had spoken to you with
I am giving you a warning
(But don't be so pathetic as to think that this warning is from a little exiled Palestinian woman)

Ignore it if you wish
Or be wise and heed
The choice is yours

I am a Jerusalem-born Palestinian refugee living in exile for over 42 years. I was forced to leave my homeland, Palestine at the age of seven during the six-day war. I am a mathematician by profession. I started writing about three years ago when my friends insisted I should write about my memories, experiences, and feelings as a Palestinian. I did… but it all came out -for some strange reason- sounding -as I am told- like poetry! So I self published two books (I Believe in Miracles, and Palestine, The True Story.  Nahida can be contacted at: nahidaexiledpalestinian@googlemail.com

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