Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Undercover Zionist agents blow their cover off

After the recent sleazy attack by alleged "friends" of Palestine, against my writing, I tried the search engine yesterday, for "Poetry for Palestine", to my dismay, and for the first time since I started blogging, not only that my website was knocked down in the list on many search engines (it has always appeared at the very top of the list), but it has also been flagged and accompanied by the following WARNING message, to scare and discourage the reader from opening it:

Poetry for Palestine

The Link to this Website have been removed from some pro-Palestinian Websites, because the content of this Website is highly “controversial”, my advise to all ...

This logically indicates that there is a concerted and coordinated efforts between the "anti-Zionists" who worked hard and as a matter of "urgency" and "non-negotiability" to remove my article and links from the "pro-Palestinian" website, and the Zionist cyber soldiers who wage their wars of aggression to silence those who oppose them, by flagging and reporting the targeted blogs and websites en mass.

Their rigid and speedy reaction, by chasing and flagging my blog reflects a state of panic. It shows how desperate they are to stop the spread of the information and exposé expressed through my blog, and my assertive views as a Palestinian -specially with regards to Full Liberation, by discrediting my views inside the Palestine Solidarity Movement.

Today, the goggle search does not show the WARNING anymore!

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