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Biden prescription for winning wars without losing a single life. (Making new Bin Ladens)


"In this case, America spent $2 billion and didn't lose a single life. This is more the prescription for how to deal with the world as we go forward than it has in the past." Biden comparing the regime change unfolding in Libya with the Bush administration's approach to Iraq.

"Please, America , don’t make me an Osama bin Laden." Thus wrote Khalid Amayreh, a few weeks after the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Ignoring that Bin Laden is a CIA creation.

Now read our sincere Islamist, but don't blame him, he learned to put his mind on the self and follow his Shaikh. 
On late Feb the spiritual leader, Yousef Al-Quradawi, of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood issued a fatwa (religious decree) calling for Khaddafi's death, "Whoever in the Libyan Army is able to shoot a bullet at Mr. Gaddafi should do so," he told the Qatar-based news channel al-Jazeera.

"There are those who show a certain propensity to cast a thick shadow of doubt on the authenticity of the Libyan revolution. Some argue rightly that NATO is not a charitable organization and its intervention on the side of the pro-freedom rebels is never meant to serve the cause of liberty and democracy in the vast North African country.  
Well, it is true that NATO is not a charitable organization, but it is also true that the Libyan people will never allow a foreign power to arrogate or hijack their hard-earned sovereignty, independence and free will.
Besides, we advise those who don't stop making all sorts of silly insinuations about the Libyan revolutionaries to wait and see and reserve their final judgment for sometime, instead of trying to create confusion and spreading false propaganda.

"Just give them a grace period"
A final note. There are some pro-Palestinian activists who are, either sincerely or maliciously, worried about a "less than complete commitment" by the new rulers of Libya to the Palestinian cause.

Tyrants and their murderous thugs may kill and spill untold blood of their own people. However, they too will face their ultimate hour of truth because those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

I say to those; assuming their sincerity, don't worry. [Forget what happebed in Iraq]

In the final analysis, the Libyan revolution has an Arab-Islamic face, heart and mind. It will not betray or disappoint Muslims anywhere in the world. Just give them a grace period, and they won't disappoint you."
A Nato fighter displays the US flag on his pick-up truck near Ajdabiya,
but Palestine and Jerusalem are always in his heart

Libya rebels claim victory in Misrata
 A U.S. flag, pre-Gadhafi Libyan flags and a French flag are seen in the background,
as Libyans attend Muslim prayers in Benghazi, Libya, Saturday, April 23. (AP)
With "Brothers" in Tripoly
without losing a single life

"This is not wishful thinking or daydreaming. Because Palestine and Jerusalem are always in the hearts of all Libyans and other Muslims."

Gadhafi death new success for Obama war doctrine


How the West won Libya

By Pepe Escobar

They are fighting over the carcass as vultures. The French Ministry of Defense said they got him with a Rafale fighter jet firing over his convoy. The Pentagon said they got him with a Predator firing a Hellfire missile. After a wounded Colonel Muammar Gaddafi sought refuge in a filthy drain underneath a highway - an eerie echo of Saddam Hussein's "hole" - he was found by Transitional National Council (TNC) "rebels". And then duly executed.

Abdel-Jalil Abdel-Aziz, a Libyan doctor who accompanied Gaddafi's body in an ambulance and examined it, said he died from two bullets, one to the chest, one to the head.

The TNC - which has peddled lies, lies and more lies for months - swears he died in "crossfire". It may have been a mob. It may have been Mohammad al-Bibi, a 20-year-old sporting a New York Yankees baseball cap who posed to the whole world brandishing Gaddafi's golden pistol; his ticket perhaps to collect the hefty $20 million dangled as the bounty for Gaddafi "dead or alive".

It gets curioser and curioser when one remembers that this is exactly what US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in her lightning visit to Tripoli, had announced less than 48 hours before; Gaddafi should be "captured or killed". The Fairy Queenie satisfied Clinton's wishes, who learned about it by watching the screen of a BlackBerry - and reacting with the semantic earthquake "Wow!"
To the winners, the spoils. They all did it; the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Pentagon and the TNC. From the minute a United Nations resolution imposing a no-fly zone over Libya became a green card to regime change, plan A was always to capture and kill him. Targeted assassination; that's Barack Obama administration official policy. There was no plan B"

Let me bomb you to protection 
Fogh, a zionist, supported the islamophobic
intrigue of Jyllands  Posten, Denmark’s most
reactionary daily, that published the
Mohammed caricatures, designed as a
provocation against arabs and muslims.
 "As for how R2P ("responsibility to protect" civilians), any doubters should cling to the explanation by NATO's secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen; "NATO and our partners have successfully implemented the historic mandate of the United Nations to protect the people of Libya." Anyone who wants to check NATO's protection of civilians just needs to jump on a pick-up truck and go to Sirte - the new Fallujah......"

Reactions have been quite instructive. TNC bureaucrat Abdel Ghoga went Colosseum in the Roman Empire, saying, "The revolutionaries have got the head of the tyrant." 

"United States President Barack Obama said the death of Gaddafi means "we are seeing the strength of American leadership across the world". That's as "we got him" as one can possibly expect, also considering that Washington paid no less than 80% of the operating costs of those dimwits at NATO (over $1 billion - which Occupy Wall Street could well denounce would be more helpful creating jobs in the US). Strange, now, to say "we did it", because the White House always said this was not a war; it was a "kinetic" something. And they were not in charge. "

"It was up to that majestic foreign policy strategist, US Vice President Joe Biden, to be starkly more enlightening than Obama; "In this case, America spent $2 billion and didn't lose a single life. This is more the prescription for how to deal with the world as we go forward than it has in the past."
World, you have been warned; this is how the empire will deal with you from now on."

Feel my humanitarian love

So congratulations to the "international community".........Gaddafi would have been a most inconvenient guest of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, as he would have relished recalling all the hand-kissing, the warm embraces and the juicy deals the West was begging to clinch after he was promoted from "Mad Dog" (Ronald Reagan) to "our bastard". He would also relish detailing all the shady backgrounds of those opportunists now posing as "revolutionaries" and "democrats".

Saddam's fake trial
"Iraqi dictator Saddam at least got a fake trial in a kangaroo court before meeting the executioner. Osama bin Laden was simply snuffed out, assassination-style, after a territorial invasion of Pakistan. Gaddafi went one up, snuffed out with a mix of air war and assassination. "

"And what about those Washington think-tank donkeys mumbling that this was the Arab Spring's "Ceausescu moment"? If only the Romanian dictator had improved his country's standard of living - in terms of free healthcare, free education, incentives for the newlywed, etc - by a fraction of what Gaddafi did in Libya. Plus the fact that Nicolae Ceausescu was not deposed by NATO "humanitarian" bombing. v Only the brain dead may have swallowed the propaganda of NATO's "humanitarian" 40,000-plus bombing - which devastated Libya's infrastructure back to the Stone Age (Shock and Awe in slow motion, anyone?). This never had anything to do with R2P - the relentless bombing of civilians in Sirte proves it.

As the top four BRIC members knew it even before the voting of UN Resolution 1973, it was about NATO ruling the Mediterranean as a NATO lake, it was about Africom's war against China and setting up a key strategic base, it was about the French and the Brits getting juicy contracts to exploit Libya's natural resources to their benefit, it was about the West setting the narrative of the Arab Spring after they had been caught napping in Tunisia and Egypt. 

Listen to the barbaric whimpers

Welcome to the new Libya. Intolerant Islamist militias will turn the lives of Libyan women into a living hell. Hundreds of thousands of Sub-Saharan Africans - those who could not escape - will be ruthlessly persecuted. Libya's natural wealth will be plundered. That collection of anti-aircraft missiles appropriated by Islamists will be a supremely convincing reason for the "war on terror" in northern Africa to become eternal. There will be blood .........As for remaining dictators everywhere, get a life insurance policy from NATO Inc; Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, Tunisia's Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh were clever enough to do it......More

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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