Thursday, 28 April 2011

Syria Paying Price of Firm, Solid Pro-Resistance Stances

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Because the stability of the Syrian regime is necessary for the Middle East and Lebanon, attempting to create strife in Syria will set the whole region on fire…

This is in brief the message which was carried out by Lebanon’s Speaker Nabih Berri on Tuesday, during a ceremony commemorating poet Najib Jamaledddine.

The Speaker’s message enjoys an exceptional importance, given the challenges facing the region in light of the latest developments in the Middle East, particularly the conspiracy targeting Syria.


According to Lebanese former Defense Minister Albert Mansour, Berri’s message was clear. “The Speaker wanted to say that attempting to create strife in Syria means creating strife in the whole region,” Mansour told Al-Manar website. He highlighted that the repercussions of such strife would not be limited to Syria, but would include Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the whole region. “This is very dangerous. It would set the whole region on fire.”

Mansour hinted that Syria was paying the price of its solid stances alongside the Resistance. He said that Berri was right when he said that the battle against Syria is one of the most dangerous battles ever. “If the American-Israeli scheme continues, the whole region would be forced to face a horrible sedition,” he warned.

What about the possibility of opening the Golan Heights front? “Anyway, I believe that if the Syrian regime feels seriously threatened, it would use all possible tools to defend itself,” Mansour said, pointing to the legal self-defense principle. “These tools would include setting all fronts on fire and activating all conspirators, including Israel,” he explored.


Mansour noted that the West has pressured Syria in an attempt to separate it from the Resistance. “They sought to pressure the Syrian regime to push it to suspend backing the Resistance,” he said. However, and because of the solid Syrian stances, the West was obliged to resort to other pressure tools, such as threats of sedition, he pointed out.

“The real goal of the conspirators is to oblige Syria to abandon the Resistance,” the former minister told Al-Manar website. “They are telling the Syrian leadership: either you abandon the resistance, or we will topple your regime,” he explained.

However, Mansour ruled out such outcome. “The Syrian regime is strong to the degree that it would be very difficult to topple it or even to just change it,” he expressed belief. “Such plot would require the division of Syria.”


For his part, Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) official and former minister Ali Qanso told Al-Manar website that the latest developments in Syria cannot be related to reform demands. “We’re convinced that Syria is targeted by a huge conspiracy,” he said. “This conspiracy enjoys an American cover, given the nationalist role played by Syria in the region, and given that Syria has become the main obstacle in the face of the American schemes in the region,” he added.

Qanso, who blamed the American administration for its role in the ongoing incitements against Syria, said that the Americans are not concerned with the identity of the regime which would take power in case the current regime was toppled. “All what they care of is that the new regime be a tool in their hands,” he said.

Asked about some suspicious roles played by Arab regimes in the latest wave of Syria developments, Qanso said that the so-called Arab moderates cannot be blamed since they are absolutely following the American administration. “Throughout the last 20 years, they proved that they are not their own decision makers and that they have to commit to the US administration’s recommendations,” he said. “Today, the American order has come to continue the battle of pressuring Syrian until the end.”

In conclusion, Qanso expressed belief that the Syrian leadership would be able to overcome this difficult stage, “even if the whole world took part in the battle against the resistant and nationalist Syria.”

That’s it. Syria is targeted by a huge conspiracy which is becoming tougher day after another. Yet, its leadership is headed towards facing it with all possible tools…

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