Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Syria Pays Price for its Pan-Arabism Stances

 The Syrian writer Colette Khoury said, "Syria pays the price for saying no to Israel and America for a long time. We are proud of belonging to Syria, the only independent state that refused to give up resistance."

Interviewed in Damascus by the Syrian TV Satellite Channel on Monday, she added "nowadays, we pass through a serious stage in Syria. It isn’t a matter of reform, not anymore. It is about Syria and the Syrian people."

For his part, the actor Bassam Kousa said "Wikileaks documents and the US Foreign Ministry's statements reveal the mass conspiracy targeting Syria and that its stability depends on meeting certain foreign demands."

He stressed confidence in the Syrian people's unity which will prove to the whole world their correct perception of what is happening.
Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim of Antioch and All The East on Monday held Easter Mass at the Mariamite Cathedral of Damascus for the Greek Orthodox.

The Patriarch affirmed that security and safety in Syria is the main criterion, lauding the decisions made by President al-Assad who is leading Syria to security, safety and reform.

In turn, the Lebanese Political Analyst Faysal Abd el-Sater said "what Syria faces is so far from what is called demands or reforms. It is obvious in President Bashar al-Assad's directives in response to the popular demands of change and political reform, blocking those who want to destabilize the region, in other words the USA and other regional powers."

In Tunisia, Al-Jazeera Journalist Ghassan Ben Jeddo on Monday said that the reason for his resignation from al-Jazeera TV is the way the channel is dealing with the events in the Middle East.

The Tunisian newspaper El Shorouk cited Ben Jeddo as saying that one of his reservations over al-Jazeera is the way it is dealing with the events taking place in Bahrain and its incitement campaign against Syria.

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