Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A mystical visit

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian


Climbing up a high ladder

Patiently…step by step

Through clouds

Deep into sky

There; on the very top... hanging

A piece of heaven

Stretching beyond time and space

Wrapped up in a sweet musky mist

Of the breath of angels and prophets

White lilies and red poppies

Growing beneath the feet of girls and boys

As they gently strolled hand in hand

Trees spoke of stories of legendary love

Offered fruit, that tastes of paradise

With songs of deep silence

Whispers of peace

And laughter of babies

Dancing rainbows celebrated


Up above…

Children with butterfly wings

Flew around their nests

Of green lanterns

That were hanging around the throne

Of the Most Merciful, Most high


In the horizon

Embroidered with letters of light

My home

The mystical land of


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