Saturday, 28 May 2011

Reconciliation and Collaboration under the same ceiling, Abbas thugs have no orders to change dealing with Hamas

Hamas and Fatah have met in Gaza to discuss ways to ....enhance the reconciliation deal, noting that Hamas strongly urged for the need to free the political prisoners held by security agencies in the West Banks, where Fatah governs. It also called for the freedom of organizational work in the West Bank and addressed the passports issue."

"Fatah's Shaath said the meeting was “successful”, adding that it focused on many daily issues related to the livelihoods of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

In West Bank the "Palestinian lawmaker MP Abdul Jaber Foqaha has warned Friday that the Palestinian people could lose patience if the PA in Ramallah remains unwilling to free political prisoners in its jails that could put the reconciliation agreement at risk...... Palestinian people started to put pressure to suspend the agreement and to stop all meetings with Fatah faction as a result of the PA reluctance to free the detainees, stressing that families of the detainees couldn’t wait forever to see their sons freed.... we urged the people to bear for a little but we couldn’t ask them to bear forever," the lawmaker pointed out....

Foqaha urged PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and the leadership of Fatah faction to be more responsible and to implement the agreement conditions in this regard swiftly... Frankly speaking, I and my fellow lawmakers from Hamas could be forced to say any moment that all doors were closed in our faces and the agreement wasn’t implemented on the ground, which could lead us to urge the suspension of all other steps, including the suspension of the formation of the government, till the agreement is totally applied on the ground,” Foqaha underlined.

"Foqaha criticized the speech of US president Barack Obama on the Palestinian reconciliation agreement, .... He urged the Palestinian leadership to withdraw recognition of the Zionist entity and to halt all forms of security coordination with it" being "the main reason and big obstacle before Palestinian unity and reconciliation."

"He also urged the Palestinians to search for alternatives through agreeing on one action strategy that would unite the Palestinians, and called on them not to drop any effective card from their hand, including the strong card of resistance."

Hamas got the answer from Abbas Thugs in West bank, they have no orders to change dealing with Hamas, "stressing they would monitor Hamas activists despite the signing of the reconciliation agreement." Here, I have a question: Who issue the Orders? Is it Abbas??
And assuming he issued such order, would they obey?
I never been against "Palestinian reconciliation" though I was sure it will lead to no where, and I was sure Pharaoh shall not succeed in domasticating Hamas. Hamas was buying time.
As the tide has changed, Abbas is now buying time, using reconciliation, to pressure Obama and Netanyaho. He got the Answer from both.
On the other side, I claim, in sitting with Fateh, Hamas achieved easing the Eygtian siege on Gaza, and exposed Ramalla traitors, and some Palestinians claiming that the Palestinian rift is about power, that hamas is using resistance to get to negociation table.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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