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Obama's UN speech is unjust, immoral and unprincipled

Obama's UN speech is unjust, immoral and unprincipled
[ 23/09/2011 - 09:39 PM ]
By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

President Obama's speech at the United Nation's General Assembly was probably appropriate for an opportunistic politician who sacrifices honesty, morality, and basic ethics for the sake of making some momentary profit here or there. But it was by all means inappropriate, to say the least, for a statesman, let alone the President of the strongest nation on earth.

Obama's excessive praise of Israel caricatured an insecure president that fears telling the truth, a leader that shakes at the very thought of uttering the "wrong words" even when these wrong words happen to represent the heart, soul and essence of the truth.

In his speech, Obama never uttered a single word about the ever expanding Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine, the main reason for what has become the near impossibility of reaching any reasonable settlement of the enduring conflict.

He readily reiterated Israeli propaganda lies about Arabs and Muslims seeking Israel's destructions but carefully avoided Israel's consistent policy of aggression, occupation and lebensraum.

He utterly failed to mention that peace, real peace, has never been on Israel's agenda because a peace-loving country doesn't build hundreds of hateful colonies on occupied land, nor does transfer hundreds of thousands of its citizens to live on land that belongs to another people.

Likewise, he ignored the imposing fact of venomous racism in Israel where the bulk of the Israeli Jewish society has come to view non-Jews in general as virtual subhuman beings or virtual animals for no other reason than the fact that these people happen to be non-members of the Chosen People or the Master Race.

I'm quite convinced that Obama's failure to tell the truth is not imputed in any way to ignorance, misinformation or lack of information. Obama knows the truth about Israel quite well. However, he seems to utterly lack the moral fabric and strong character to call the spade a spade due to the Zionist Jewish stranglehold paralyzing his administration, Congress and U.S. foreign policy as, indeed, testified by a number of American intellectuals, including at least one former President.

I hesitate to use the term "political whore" in reference to Obama's moral downfall. However, If I were to testify before the "court of history" where every iota of truth counts and spin doesn't exist, I most probably would find it unconscionable to resort to euphemisms.

The main reason for this moral turpitude, that is to put it quite mildly, has every thing to do with Jewish money and Jewish power in the U.S, and has absolutely nothing to do with any truth on Israel's side.

Israel after all can be so honestly and so justifiably considered a crime against humanity. Israel, by sheer brutality and mendacity, stole the country of another people, killed untold numbers of these people, destroyed their homes and towns, bulldozed their fields and orchards and then expelled them to the four winds. How can such a country possibly have a shred of morality or legitimacy, probably with the exception of the morality of the fait accompli?

Like his predecessors, President Obama is not capable of making any worthy contribution to true peace making in the Middle East. True peace-making requires honesty, first and foremost, an ingredient Obama lacks rather conspicuously.

Hence, it is futile for the international community, especially for the Arabs and Muslims of the world, to rely on the American administration for achieving a just and durable peace in occupied Palestine.

In addition to honesty, Obama also lacks the courage to say or do anything that would fail to satisfy the fascist leaders of the Zionist regime, who shamelessly claim to seek peace with their Palestinian victims while continuing to destroy the latter's homes, steal their land and burn their mosques.

The conspicuous absence in Obama's speech of any mention or even allusion to the Zionist Jewish lebensraum policy in the West Bank, especially in occupied Arab East Jerusalem, portrays a president that is dithering, fretting and ranting about virtually nothing. His attempt to play the role of moral teacher and world leader whose words carry true moral weight is nothing less than a futile exercise in futility and cheap political hucksterism.

With all honesty and bitterness, such a leader won't be able to make peace in the Middle East even if he remains at the White House fifty more years. What is the point of being a president when one betrays his conscience in order to please and appease the forces of evil and pressure groups around him?

As to the Palestinians, they must realize that they have committed an act of self-deception if not self-destruction when they accepted the United States as a sole honest broker of the so-called peace process.

Consecutive U.S. administrations played so brazenly, so brashly and so shamelessly, the role of Israel's protector, defender, and lawyer regardless of whatever Israel did or didn't, a policy that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

On many occasions, American peace envoys, many of whom fanatical Zionists, displayed stands and attitudes that were far more extremists than those displayed even by Israeli negotiators. So for heaven's sake, how could a shamelessly Zionist America, biased to the core in Israel's favor, be any thing like an honest broker? This is nothing less than fornication with language.

In light, the Palestinian people should resign to the fact that the Arab-Israeli conflict has become really unsolvable due to the present political and demographic facts.

But history, especially in this part of the world, doesn’t reach its end with the appearance or disappearance of Barack Obama nor, indeed, with his masters in occupied Palestine.

I am not going to indulge in prognostication or wishful thinking about the future. However, it must be understood by all that Israel bears full responsibility for the disappearance of all peace chances in this region.

This means that Israel alone bears responsibility for whatever comes next.

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