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What`s Next about “SYRIA”?


(Omar al-Shaar | Dp-news)
SYRIA- Conflicted reports still distributed about Syrian streets here and there, all over the Globe. News, reports, footages and campaigns for both sides “Pro”s & “Anti”s.

At the official side, President al-Assad is meeting envoys from time to time; while his representatives voicing all over the World “to Support his Reform Program”. Syrian regime, for its part, is applying reform and “National Dialogue” inside and outside the country. Reform program is accompanied by its “Military operation” that is targeting the “Armed Terrorist Groups” according to its part of the story.

On the other side of the Syrian streets, we got the opposition who is still rejecting this, low-estimating it and calling for more protests and demonstrations which basically insist at its call “Topple the Regime” while urging for “International Protection”, as they are facing the regime assault on activists to “officially crackdown their uprising by killing and torturing activists” according to their part of the story. Reports said that video and mobile phone images emerging from the country during the six months of arrest have appeared to show tanks and soldiers firing on unarmed protesters.

State-run news media reported on Monday that two martyrs from the army were escorted from Homs Military Hospital to their final resting place in Homs and Tartous.

The Martyrs Sergeant Hasan Bader Alloush and Private Maher Ali Kanafani were targeted by the armed terrorist groups while in the line of duty in Homs. Solemn processions were held for the martyrs as they were covered with the Syrian flag and the flowers, while the mourners were chanting slogans saluting the martyrs and the homeland the military band was playing the 'Martyr' and the 'Farewell' music.

In turn, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that Homs Governor Ghassan Abdul Aal on Monday refuted as " baseless" what is being broadcast by the malicious media channels claiming that military aircrafts are flying over Homs governorate, stressing that there are no airplanes over the city and people are in the markets and the situations is normal and calm.

Abdul Aal added in a phone call with SANA "we wonder about what these channels are broadcasting, saying that they want to practice their aggressive role against Syria.”

Earlier, SANA correspondent also refuted the news broadcast by the malicious channels on the flying of military airplanes over Homs.

In addition too many reports at Local and Official media regarding the National Dialogue meetings at Syrian Governorates along with reform program process in Syria.

Abroad and outside Syria, news and reports are deferent and not alike. Activists and oppositions talked about home-to-home raids and arrest campaigns that have been applied months ago by Syrian security forces backed by the so called “Shabiha” and Army troops. It also reported deadly clashes at funerals and demonstrations which became daily and all over the country according to their reports at foreign media agencies.

CNN uploaded a video posted on YouTube purportedly showing the funeral of Mattar in Darya showed people marching in the street and chanting: "We will sacrifice your lives and our blood for you Ghiyath" and "Freedom, freedom, we are the youths of freedom."

Ghiyath Mattar, described as a key organizer of protests against President Bashar al-Assad's regime, was killed after being arrested last Tuesday in the Damascus suburb of Darya.

Mattar, 26, was on the run for three months before being taken into custody, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition activist group.

CNN added “The U.S. State Department is condemning the killing of a key Syrian opposition organizer, who it says died while in the custody of Syria's security forces.”

In turn, Reuters report said that Syrian opposition group Sawasiah said on Sunday 113 civilians had been killed in the last week, during which activists and diplomats say Syrian forces stepped up raids to detain protest coordinators.

Residents and activists reported Reuters that several thousand soldiers and hundreds of armored vehicles had massed in the last 24 hours in areas north of the city of Hama which had seen large protests calling for President al-Assad's removal.

The raids around Hama began on Monday after security forces cut all roads leading to the area along with electricity and telephone lines, reports abroad said.

The activist network called the Local Coordination Committees said there were civilian casualties but the exact number was not immediately clear.

Syria-based rights activist Mustafa Osso says at least five people have been killed.

Reuters explained “Residents and local activists said thousands of troops and hundreds of armored vehicles were gathered on Monday near the main highway leading to Turkey and in the al-Ghab Plain to the northwest of the city of Hama, as well as other areas. As an armored force drove into al-Ghab Plain in the morning and fired heavy machineguns at Sunni Muslim villages around the ancient Roman ruins of Aphamea and nearby villages, they said.”

Among hundreds of Syrians arrested in recent days was leading Syrian psychoanalyst Rafah Nashed, 66, who has been treating people traumatised by the mounting repression, her friends told Reuters.

Syria Opposition Sunday rejected an Arab League-proposed truce plan saying that the initiative is not in touch with reality because it gives the president until June 2014 to step down.

The self-acclaimed Committee of Coordination of Syrian Revolution which works in secret said “the people of Syria of whom 3,500 were killed and 20,000 injured by the regime deserve a better initiative to end the six-month bloodshed and allow Syrians freedom after 48 years of single-party dictatorship rule.”

The London-based Syrian Observatory for HR has said more than 2,000 people -- mostly demonstrators -- have died since the uprising began in mid-March.

Syrian authorities do not comment on arrests but have said in the past that any arrests are made in accordance with the constitution.

Media sources keep telling that they cannot independently verify the veracity of the video, the claims or the death toll because the government has repeatedly denied requests for journalists to report inside Syria and especially from the flashpoint areas.
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