Monday 12 September 2011

Dare I say its name?

The term White Supremacism defines the likes of KKK, of racists, neo-nazis etc, and projects a notion of wickedness and evil .
Wherever suitable, the term is used freely and without hesitation, generally by the Left, including the anti-Zionist Jewish Left. No one thinks twice before accurately using the term to portray anyone who claims that so called "White" people are superior to "people of colour".
In some instances, the term is used in association with those who express concerns that the cultural identity of their society might be threatened by immigration. In other instances, the term "White supremacist" is used against historians and researchers who raise uncomfortable questions about official historical narratives enforced by the establishment.
The Ku Klux Klan has been described as a Christian, as well as a white, supremacist group. So are many white supremacist groups in the United States today. George W. Bush’s support for fundamentalist Christianity has been linked to his having a “Christian supremacist vision” in his policies in the Middle East.
The racist delusion of “White supremacy”, is a reality involving generally unsavory individuals, overall a small fringe groups of white people. The term does NOT imply that all, or that most whites are supremacists.
The use of the term "White supremacists" in relation with precisely such people, is perfectly legitimate and legal, anyone can utter it when suitable without having to fear censorship, slander or smear. It seems pretty elementary that whomever uses the term to define people holding such "white supremacist" opinions, does by no means imply to be anti-whites or white-hater.
Under no circumstances would be Non-white people forbidden to criticise or discuss the problem of White-supremacism.
I never came across of a non-racist white person who would claim that the issue of "white-supremacy" is a “White-Only” issue, implying that only white people have the right to discuss, to examine or to expose “White-Supremacists". In fact the contrary is true, all non-racists are always encouraged to publicly discuss, oppose, and demonstrate against “White Supremacy”, even within the main stream media.
The parallel between "White-Supremacy" and "Jewish Supremacy" is inevitable, both holding the same antiquated tenet of superiority of one ethnic and/or religious group over another, irrespective of the moral depravity of these claims and that science having debunked such racist proclamations as being pure bogus nonsense.
However, comparing the two reveals something that should be evident to anyone interested in humanity, society, progress, ethics, news, politics and affairs of state.

The contrast between the two could not be greater.
Indeed, proportionally to their respective demography, "White supremacy" is an extremely fringe phenomenon, generally relegated to some remote muddy training camps in rural America, where alcoholism is more awash than any form of political influence. The KKKs and otherwise White Supremacists are shunned and loathed publicly, and are at the outer margin layer of society. They are in fact so rare, that they are almost museum ripe.
“Jewish Supremacy” however, exists on a much wider and deadlier scale. Firstly "Jewish supremacism" in its different shades, covering a whole spectrum of intensity and visibility, represents a huge segment of the Jewish demography. Secondly, these "Jewish supremacists" have irrefutably a considerable political influence, and arguably they shape governmental policies.
Yet, the Anti-Defamation League condemns as "antisemitic" any writings about “Jewish Supremacism” and labels any person who utters the words as “anti-Semite”.
They even crown as "anti-Semite" whomever dares to demand the truth and asks for an independent investigation to uncover the real story of 9/11.
When someone uses the term “Jewish Supremacy” referring ONLY to SOME Jewish groups and individuals who are extremely racist against non-Jews, the truth-tellers are accused of anti-Semitism. Perplexedly, the accusations come even from the non-racist liberal Jews, who then insist to pretend that the truth-teller is attacking ALL Jews.

Free-thinking, Non-Jews are gagged; they are forbidden to criticise and to discuss the ominous social threat "Jewish supremacism" represents. The pretext invoked for this blackout is that this issue is an internal Jewish problem, and outsiders should not interfere with such private internal Jewish matters!
Well, as one who endears such values as Free-Thinking, Democracy, Science, Equality, and the Right to Freedom of Expression, excuse my rage and pardon my language, but I have to say: HELL NO !
I and all of us non-Jews have every right in the world to write about, to expose and to challenge any supremacism, but especially Jewish supremacism as it thrives amongst some Jewish people and some very influential Jewish groups.
Legally and morally, I have every right to do so because I am personally affected by it,
My own life is negatively affected by it,
My family and my people are negatively affected by it,
And the whole Arab and Muslim world is tragically affected by it.
Hundreds of millions of humans are tragically affected by the wars and hatred fomented by Jewish supremacists in this gradually more violent twenty fist century.
When our very existence is threatened and when the sanctity of life itself is rescinded because we are seen by some Jewish people as Goyims, “creatures” of lesser value compared to Jewish lives, I have every right to scream my head off to expose this sociopathic… “Jewish supremacists”.
When our land and property are stolen from us at gun point by Jewish people who claim entitlement to others’ property because they say God favours them and gave it to them, I have every right to pound the words … “Jewish supremacists”.
When we are treated like animals by those who according to their Talmudic- kabbalistic books see us as two-legged animals created only to serve the Jews, I have every right to shout out loud… “Jewish supremacists”.
When our children are hunted down like fish in a barrel, because our children only have "animal souls”, unlike Jewish children who were given “divine souls”, I have every right to cry… “Jewish supremacists”.
I will not be silenced, and will shout what the world dares not to say its name:
I will shout "Jewish Supremacists" until the world hears my cry.
Therefore, I call upon Jewish people who are sincerely concerned about anti-Semitism, to seriously inspect and to act against their brethren' anti-gentile-ism and anti-humanism, which to my horror I have discovered in their most authentic and revered books; in the documented Talmud, in the Jewish Law (Halacha), in the public statements of many rabbis and their pseudo-secular political allies, in the actions of Jewish-settlers in Palestine, and even in the writing of one of the most reputable Jewish philosophers Moses Ben Maimon. also known as Maimonides.
"Maimonides's Mishneh Torah is considered by traditionalist Jews even today as one of the chief authoritative codifications of Jewish law and ethics". source
Moses Ben Maimon (Maimonides) talks about the right of the Jewish king to " wage a milchemet hareshut, (war of aggression) i.e. a war fought with other nations in order to expand the borders of Israel or magnify its greatness and reputation".

He also sees no problem with subjugating and enslaving gentiles

"They shall be your subjects and serve you"

"The subjugation they must accept consists of being on a lower level, scorned and humble. They must never raise their heads against Israel, but must remain subjugated under their rule. They may never be appointed over a Jew in any matter whatsoever"

Nor does this "chief authoritative codifications of Jewish law and ethics" see any ethical predicament with "Jewish wars" of extermination and annihilation.

When I first came across the ugly ideology that festers amongst the Jewish supremacists group Chabad Lubavitch, I assumed that it was only a worm in the can.

When I started digging deeper, I was horrified to discover that it wasn't just a worm in the can, it was an enormous CAN of WORMS.

It goes further than a statement by a "lunatic" rabbi, or a "bizarre" book by a settler extremists, or some violent behaviour of fringe fanatical group.

I came to discover racism and supremacy with unparalleled proportions which not only thrives amongst the very vibrant, powerful and extremely influential Jewish group Chabad Lubavitch, but also extends within some mainstream Jewish philosophy, literature and sacred books.

To my horror and dismay I discovered that such condescending ideology has its roots in the “sacred” books of Talmud, Halacha and Tanya, all of which explicitly divides people into two categories: Jews (refined ethical humans with divine souls) and non-Jews (corrupt sub-humans with animal souls). The Tanya explicitly declares that unlike the Jewish souls, "The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever"

Palestinian child looks in horror at her doll vandalized by soldiers
with the Hebrew word shiksa- whore

"Jewish supremacy” exists and it is not mere “Zionist supremacy”, it is much older, more fanatical, more sinister and more dangerous than Zionism, it goes further and deeper than Jewish nationalism or Jewish imperialism. It has its roots deep in the very ideology, laws and practice by many Hasidim who interpret the word "Chosen" to mean far more than message-carriers with their living-example, and instead understand it to mean: Jewish people (materialized by "Israel") have the divine right to lead and dominate. Should it be called Political Judaism, the deluge of corroborating evidence would be overwhelming.

Anyone who even superficially scrutinizes Zionists and its crypto-Zionist variety as they support directly or indirectly the Jewish-Zionist colonization of Palestine, can easily distinguish the ideological cross pollination between Talmudists and the so called "secular" Zionists with all their networks of support and influence.

Former Chief Rabbi of "Israel" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef with Benjamin Netanyahu

Former Chief Rabbi of "Israel" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef with Sharon

Former Chief Rabbi of "Israel" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef with Yitzhak Rabin

Former Chief Rabbi of "Israel" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef with Ehud Olmert

In the face of these disturbing facts and distressing reality concerned and progressive Jewish friends should ask themselves some very painful and daring questions: could it possibly be that after all, the whole world might not be so twisted, so irrational, so insane, so full of nonsensical "intrinsic" hatred, and what appears to be waves of inexplicable eruptions of "anti-Semitism" might have something to do with such blatant anti-non-Jewish racism? Might these eruptions have some comprehensible and rational explanations that are linked to Talmudic supremacy and its condescending view of the other, non-Jew? Could it perhaps be that these erratic but recurrent eruption were/ are reactions to what people perceive as anti-Gentile racism; the patronizing and exploitation of that which is of "lesser value", the "other", the "Goy"?

Rather than continuing to deny or obscure the facts by labelling those who expose the facts as anti-Semites, sincere Jews should stop blaming the victims for uncovering these facts, and take a more honest and courageous look within their books and their community, shedding off the state of denial, facing the truth and exposing the horror that, very unfortunately, has found fertile-ground amongst their people.

No, to discuss and to argue openly and honestly against this sociopathic villainy that is Jewish supremacism, does not equate by any shape or manner to uttering one of these primitive blanket accusation that "Jews are evil by nature" or "all Jews believe such insanity", or other such nonsense, far from it. What it really is, is unequivocal condemnation of a racist and supremacist ideology that has deceived SOME Jewish people and set them apart from the rest of humanity. An ideology that had caused them and continues to cause them to be willingly segregated and ghettoized, being as it may physically, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually.

To discuss and to argue honestly and openly about this abominable ideology, is in many ways a statement of trust and hope, that the doors of change and transformation are always open, amending and overcoming burdens of racist philosophies are always possible, and that can be through the extirpation of that archaic monster that has invaded them and deceived them. In fact, to put this subject on the table is a firm statement against racism, hence against anti-Semitism! I hope that Jewish people, at least those amidst them who are not yet polluted by this nefarious supremacist nonsense, will be able ultimately to reconcile themselves with the message of the Prophets, and the message of Humanism, and thus join mankind again, coming back from their exclusionary tribalism.

Unfortunately, overcome by emotions, many liberal Jews perceive this exposure of such ideological predicaments and the genuine desire to address in order to get rid of and overcome, they see it as personal attack on them and on Jewish people as a whole. This entangled emotions forms a blind spot which makes it hard for them to see that which is ugly, and consequently creating intellectual blockage; they react by closing up their thinking faculty, stiffening their minds, taking a strange position of denial and defensiveness that resembles only the reaction of Zionists when confronted with their crimes.

Undoubtedly, obscuring the problem and deflecting people away from it does not make it go away. To the contrary.

With all my heart, I do acknowledge the shock and empathize with the heartrending agonizing pain that comes with such blunt revelation and unfamiliar frankness. I also do understand the psychological limitations that may alter and fog the perception of reality when the reality is too painful to face, however, I long to see my good Jewish friends having the moral courage to look eye to eye through the blind-spot of their fears and apprehensions. I long to see them face up to and address the alarming and damaging problem that lurks beneath the surface, away from their anti-racist radar.

My writings are intended as wake up calls to open the eyes of those concerned to the utterly devastating reality which if not dealt within time, would only cause catastrophic ramification upon all Jewish people. Not because I say so, but because this is the nature of human-societies, human psychology and human behaviour.

NO ONE likes to be viewed as inferior or treated as a lesser-being. period.

And if they are, sooner or later they will revolt and flip the tables. I cannot bear to think of that scenario. it is frightening.

Furthermore, as a person who cares with all her heart for every human no matter their ethnicity, or wealth, or religion, I am very worried about the quasi-certainty that racially (and religiously) motivated mass-murder of unprecedented scale, will be the consequence of the current hatred fomented by Jewish supremacists against people who happen to be Muslims.

Ultimately no one will be able to control such mass movements of bloodthirsty hatred, and foremost what is called "blow-back" might well, as it has happened in the past, hit people who happen to be Jewish, on an equally massive scale. It is our duty, whatever our ethnic, cultural, social, religious or national background, to act with great determination against the sectarian drift that Jewish supremacists have been taking, splitting apart general human and social cohesion, and excluding themselves away from, setting themselves apart and above Humanity to bring upon some sinister and archaic, domination, or the illusion thereof.

It appears to me that authentic Judaism, as taught by the prophets has been long hijacked, hardly anything is left of its original teachings. What we have now is an infestation of extreme ideology propagated by some wicked, cruel, violent, arrogant, regressive self-worshiping supremacists. The world is slowly, very modestly still, discovering this reality, and maybe we will all suffer the consequences of the delay and denial, before this battered world takes an honourable stance against it.

That day is no doubt coming, and coming soon insha'Allah

With all love and affection to my brothers and sisters in humanity, with all the tenderness and care for the welfare of all human beings and life as whole, and with all the honesty and sincerity in my heart, I am writing to inform and to point out DANGER. I foresee many warning signs, and my hope is that Jewish people of good will would not shy away anymore, and would take notice of this inherently catastrophic problem (to both Jewish and non-Jewish alike), discuss it, address it, and try to find ways to combat it and deal with it.

To get rid of anti-Semitism once and for all, all what is needed is that Jewish people of good will to pull their sleeves up and to start digging, knocking down false gods, weeding supremacist ideologies that has found a haven amongst some of their people. If they insist to speak in the name of their "Jewish values" they need to reclaim the prophetic and authentic Judaism and "Jewish values" back from the Talmudists who had disfigured it and turned it into an ugly destructive killing machine.

They also need to come to the realization also that they can't have it both way: insisting on attributing the words "Jew"/ "Jewish" to describe someone/ something good, yet getting infuriated when the words are affiliated with someone/ something bad.

In other words, those interested in "saving" the Jewish people, should start their rescue operation by waging a campaign for the "spiritual rescue" of Judaism and its followers. By acknowledging the spiritual downfall, identifying where did it all go wrong, then "spiritual rescue" might be followed by physical rescue once and for all, thus, overcoming the age-long gentile-phobia, the persecution complex, and the distinction mania.

A meaningful and lasting change requires an individual courageous inner journey to be undertaken by everyone who desires real rescue, an inner Jihad if you will.

As for the entity called "Israel", all observers notice that the tide has changed; the "fortune" that accompanied this Frankenstein is fading by the minute. The reasons as to why this entity is beginning to lose its grip and WILL ultimately vanquish and arrive to total disintegration and decay in spite of all its weaponry, armies, wealth, arrogance, aggression and disregard of human rights and International Law, is as natural and organic as the principles of life itself.

"Israel" is an artificial creation, a myth that came into being through using other myths as pretexts;

"exclusivity" of an imagined "race";

"distinction" of its imagined "mission";

and "uniqueness" of its imagined perpetual "suffering".

Such skewed perception of reality cannot survive the test of time, the inevitable will happen and sooner or later reality will hit them in the face.

Collectively, this entity with such grandiose image of itself, has become a force of destruction, it carries within its womb the seeds of its own demise.

In 2003, the theorist and historian "Israeli" military strategist, Martin van Creveld declared the following:

" "We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome Most European capitals are targets for our air force ... We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under"

Their very own chief Rabbi of "Israel", Ysrael Meir Lau calls the whole world a battleground!

"The battlefield is not just in Gaza strip, the battlefield is everywhere where a Jew exists. The battlefield for our survival, for our eternity is over the seas, in North, South, West and East, wherever are Jews and the Jewish community exists"

But contrary to their assumption, all people are not blind and deaf, and instead we see the battle as being now defined:

A battle of Civilization VS Barbarity;

Cooperation VS Conflict;

Brotherhood VS Enslavement;

Equality VS Supremacy;

Universal VS Individual;

Modesty VS Arrogance;

Sharing VS Accumulating;

Generosity VS Selfishness.

The central battleground happens to be the Land we dare to call Holy.

The Palestinian People happen to be at the forefront of this decisive battle for the survival of humanity and its most cherished and refined values.

The battle is no doubt a spiritual one as well as it is physical.

Our beautiful world and the good people in it are under unprecedented assault; they have been savagely attacked, their lives have been attacked, their livelihood, their values, their homes, their freedoms, their very security, and their intelligence.

Our whole beloved planet simply has been exploited and vandalized almost beyond recognition.

People of good will, those who LOVE the world and desire more than anything to foster and protect LIFE, have no option but to come together and attend the world, everyone according to their ability and aptitude.

Recently, a very dear friend of mine was outraged to learn about 9/11 cover-up crimes, "Do you think anyone will ever be held to account for this obscenity?" she asked.

My response to her was:

"Many people of all background are pushing hard for this because the evidence of crime cover up is so overwhelming and the lies are so blatant that it feels like a slap on the face of every human being with a one brain cell.

The case against the perpetrators is so powerful and the evidence so overwhelming that if it were go to court right now, the case would be won IF, and only IF, there was still a functional Judicial System.

But my fear and expectation are a little grim unfortunately, I think it's too late for that, my fear dearest is that even the judicial system has been hijacked by the same criminals who have an agenda of creating a Talmudic NWO through mass extermination and who would stop at nothing to implement it.

Daniel Ellsberg is a man who has the credentials and track record to be trusted. He made public the "Pentagon Papers" which basically toppled a US presidency and shook the US at its foundations. In 2007 he wrote an astounding sentence in the foreword to Norman Solomon's book "Made Love, Got War":

"Today, the Defense Department's least acknowledged mission is mass extermination" Daniel Ellsberg

By now, I guess it is quite obvious who took over the Defense and Security Departments, as well as Foreign Policy.

Furthermore, what disturbs me even more is those who are NOT part of the evil network, yet they hysterically deny its existence and they deny the evil agenda of their people while they adamantly refuse to look at the hard evidence

Having said that, I am confident that mankind will be provided with the necessary resolve, courage and creativity to rid it self of those who strive to enslave, divide and destroy.

Exclusion and superiority by their very nature are mechanisms of elimination and destruction, including self-elimination and destruction.

Sustainable human societies functions in ways that these supremacists have no understanding, control or mastery of. Systems of Justice will inevitably re-emerge on the ruins of rotten old ones. With the hard work, dedication, steadfastness, energy, sacrifice and love of those who are sincere, undoubtedly, a more just system will organically rise from the ashes to replace that which has caused the world so much pain and agony.

The same system we see all around us in this fabulous mysterious universe of ours, dancing between utter mayhem and chaos to supreme balance and harmonious order, and between utter annihilation to new creation.

It's the very same marvellous Cycle of Life, that irresistibly strives towards perfection; towards the Most Sublime, Most Gracious, Most High."

And so it goes



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The definitive work about jewish supremacy! Kudos.

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Excellent work! I would like to repost it in my blog tomorrow, with credits of course.

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Belfascist and his reference material is as full of shit as the New York Sewer system. Great work uprooted Palestinian....God created and only God can destroy...