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Al-Khatib: US the Agreement’s Godfather, Sukaryeh: Resistance’s Victory Major Blow to Bets

Zeinab Essa

Because history is immortal and because the past infiltrates into our present, it is necessary to highlight some of the historic political moments.

Based on the Lebanese say that "black memories recall each other", 17 May was fated to enter the Lebanese black agenda of history.

May 17... US Prize to "Israel"

Time: 17 May 1983
1983 - May 25, 2000: Disgrace and pride

Location: Lebanon's Beach Hotel in Khaldeh, south of the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

Incident: The culmination of "Israeli" invasion, dubbed by the "Israelis" as "Peace for Galilee", was manifested between Lebanon and the Zionist entity. The Lebanese President, at that time, Amin Gemayel signed a so-called Peace Agreement with "Israel".

According to the former Lebanese MP Zahir al-Khatib, "the United States was the real sponsor of the treaty."

At that point, the godfather of the agreement, boasted in front of his visitors that all Arabs are with him.

former MP Najah Wakim
In a blatant speech to the opponents, including al-Khatib and his fellow MP Najah Wakim, Gemayel said:

"Are you crazy? This agreement was directly sponsored by the US President. The US Secretary of State gave this agreement more time than any other political issue."

"It won't be cancelled," he vowed.

Similarly, the "Loyalty to Resistance Bloc" MP, retired Brigadier Walid Sukaryeh stated that "May 17" agreement came as a US consolation prize for "Israel" to its invasion to Lebanon."
He further explained that "US needed Lebanon as a military base for its Rapid Deployment Troops and thus a political coup was needed to alter the country's face."

The Agreement of Shame

On the humiliating items of the treaty, al-Kahtib ruled out any Lebanese interest in the agreement.

In remarks to, the former MP reiterated that "at that moment, the treaty appeared as a choice between the bad and the worst."

He also clarified that "Gemayel, a parliamentary majority, and a Lebanese government tried to propagate their conviction that Lebanon isn't able to face the invincible "Israel"," and noted that "they were backed by the US, "Israel", the West, and Arab countries."

36 rounds of negotiations were sufficient for the Lebanese surrenders to approve the most humiliating treaty in the Lebanese history.

Not only did the agreement terminate the state of war between "Israel" and Lebanon, but also did it make Lebanon enter the "Israeli" era.

"Based on the agreement, "Israel" was to control every security and political joint in the Lebanese state," the former MP said, pointing out that "Israel" was granted the right to establish a security zone with along the Southern Lebanese borders."

Parts of the agreement remained secret between the Lebanese government and the "Israeli" government. "Basic rules of logic contradicted with the agreement that allowed "Israel" to preserve all its greed and interests," al-Kahatib stated.

"The agreement even secured "Israel's" wills in banning books and publications against it as well as to close opponent embassies to this entity," he added.

People's Will Failed Conspiracy

So, that what "Israel" sought. However, "Israel's" ambitions were faced by the Lebanese people's will. Hours after the announcement of the agreement, Beirut's Southern Suburb turned to a volcano of wrath in face of the Agreement of Shame. Thousands of protesters flooded into the streets. They screamed in rejection for the agreement. And the slogan "Down with the Agreement of Shame" penetrated all walls of political silence.

The popular movements intensified, coinciding with the growing movement of armed resistance against the "Israeli" occupier, the US presence, and Lebanese authorities' yielding.

From Imam Rida's mosque in Beer al-Abed, at the center of the Lebanese capital southern suburbs, the protesters set the first nail in the coffin of May 17, agreement.

MP Sukaryeh recalled that the army clashes between the Lebanese army and the protesters that led to the martyrdom of Mohammed Najdi (20 years) and the injury to 6 others and the arrest of dozens.

On the political level, a National Front backed by Syria was established. As a result, Lebanon was divided into two sides: a US-"Israeli" axis, and that of the resistance.
"The Intifada of February 6 and the National Front's control over the Lebanese mountain tightened the grip on the agreement," the former MP told our website. According to al-Khatib the front succeeded in proving that "when things are related to national topics, there are no spaces for compromises: You're either with the right of your people, or with interests of your enemy."

For his part, the retired General stressed that "the split within the Lebanese army, as well as bombing the US residence of US Marines in Lebanon declared the failure of agreement."

Lebanon Victorious with Resistance
9 months and 18 days was the age of the fetus that lived within the womb of the Lebanese authority that gave birth to a dead child. On March 5, 1984, the Lebanese parliament cancelled the treaty with the Zionist entity, declaring Lebanon's entrance in the resistance era.
18 years later, the Lebanese proved the rightness of their choice. On May 25, 2000, the "Israeli" withdrew from most of the Lebanese territories.

"Moreover, the "Israeli" defeat in 2006 aggression against Lebanon formed a major blow to all who might bet on the US and "Israel","Sukaryeh confirmed.
According to both Sukaryeh and al-Khatib, "there is no place today for such agreements with Lebanon."
For them, "Despite all "March14" attempts to link the country to the US-"Israeli" age, the strong Lebanon isn't to compromise on its sovereignty and independence."

The Lebanese resistance taught all who might bet on the "Israeli" enemy that their bets are a mirage: The Lebanese era of defeats had ended...Lebanon has entered that of victory.

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