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Mursi cannot open the crossings before ending his operations in Sinai.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (R) talks to senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar in Tehran, Sunday, September 9, 2012.Zahar told Hezbollah and Tehran that "Hamas" is now in fact "Hamasan", (Divided into two Hamas) one linked to resistance, and other overseas Hamas linked to Global Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi and the Qatari government, represented by Khaled Meshaal and Mousa Abu Marzouk.

Khalid Meshaal, met on Tuesday minister Raafat Shehata, Egyptian intelligence chief, at the intelligence headquarters in Cairo...

Hamasan with Mursi
A source from Hamas delegation told PIC that the movement's leaders stressed on the need to close the file of the siege on the Gaza Strip.

He said that the movement helped the Egyptian authorities during the past few weeks in the closure of the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, stressing that Egypt should bear the responsibility of ending the siege, because closing the tunnels and the crossings under the siege will lead to a catastrophic situation in Gaza.

The source added that the Egyptian side understands the suffering of the Strip under the siege, but at the same time it cannot open the crossings before the armed forces end all their operations in Sinai.

Security forces had on Sunday carried out a series of raids arresting suspected militants linked to the 5 August attack near the town of Sheikh Zuwayed, four miles from the border town of Rafah. 

Egyptian guards patrol near the border.
Photograph: Ahmed Gomaa/AP
The raids were met with almost immediate retaliation by armed gunmen and a three-hour shootout ensued according to witnesses in the area.

One soldier was killed and seven injured, in addition to two civilian injuries as a result of the clashes. The soldier died from wounds sustained in the clashes after being transported to a Cairo hospital.

Two Palestinians were martyred and another was seriously injured when an Israeli airstrike targeted their car late on Wednesday.

Israeli airstrike kills two Hamas officials

Palestinian mourners react as they gather around two bodies in the al-Najar hospital in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip on 19 September 2012. (Photo: AFP - Said Khatib)
Published Thursday, September 20, 2012
An Israeli airstrike late Wednesday killed two Hamas officials in eastern Gaza and wounded another as they were on duty securing the border with Egypt, Palestinian sources said.

Ashraf Salah, 38, and Anees Abu al-Aynaen, 22, both of whom employed with Hamas' internal security forces, were instantly killed when an Israeli strike targeted their vehicle as they drove to the Gaza border with Egypt, Ma'an news agency reported.

After initially saying three had been killed, Hamas later corrected the death toll to two and said the third man had been critically wounded.

The Israeli military said it had targeted what it called "terror operatives" involved in smuggling explosives into Gaza from neighboring Egypt.

Israel routinely assaults the Gaza Strip, while Hamas has largely refrained from engaging the Jewish state militarily.

Gaza's interior ministry said the latest attack confirms Israeli plans to implement wide-scale operations in Gaza, Ma'an reported.

Hamas has long accused Israel of attempting to provoke Gaza into a new round of heavy conflict, and has attempted to rein in rogue Islamist groups in the strip who fire rockets into Israel without Hamas' approval.

Israel has maintained a crippling siege on the Gaza Strip since 2007. Leading rights groups and UN agencies have slammed the siege as a violation of international law.

(Ma'an, Al-Akhbar, Reuters)
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