Monday, 1 February 2016

Christian Zionism’s Waning Influence on Presidential Politics

Earlier this week I participated in a podcast with the people at We Hold These Truths, the Christian, pro-peace organization noted for its opposition to Christian Zionism. The discussion focused largely on the presidential campaign and particularly the January 18 speech given by Donald Trump at Liberty University.
Liberty is the university in Lynchburg, Virginia that was founded by Christian Zionist pastor Jerry Falwell, and today his son, Jerry Falwell Jr., continues to serve as its president. So we’re talking, in other words, about a school steeped in the ideology of Christian Zionism–or at least certainly it’s founder was. But the odd thing about Trump’s speech on January 18 is that not once was Israel even mentioned that evening–not by Trump, nor by Falwell Jr. either in the lengthy introduction he gave Trump. Nobodytalked about Israel the entire evening!
I have written previously about evaporating support for Israel among evangelical Christians, and particularly among younger evangelicals, and all of us who participated in the podcast took Trump’s appearance at Liberty, and the absence of any expressions of support for the Jewish state, as kind of a sign of the times–an indication that Israel is fast losing its friends. You can click here to access the full podcast.
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