Monday, 18 April 2016

Nasser Kandil: OIC Summit, and the failiar of the Zionist-Saudi War on RESISTANCE

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Saudi Egyptian negotiation regarding the Red Sea islands started 30 years ago.The Zionist Entity rejected, even after the so called Arab initiative, transferring the ownership to Saudis because Saudi Arabia was officially in a state of War with the entity.
So why "Israel" approved the deal?
Why Bankrupt Saudis would pay Billion of dollars to built a bridge, via Red Sea Islands between Saudi land and Sinai?
It's again bloody oil and Gas. To avoid passing through the Straits of Hormuz (IRAN) and Bab al-Mandab (Houthis), Its more safe and may be more economical to transfer the oil and gas directly to Haifa. So Salman's Bridge is nothing but a pipe line.
Poor Sisi accepted Salman's bribe, to avoid bankruptcy, SISI sold the red Sea Islands but rejected Salman's request regarding reconciliation with American Brotherhood's SULTAN. In other words Salman failed to turns Egypt into a Saudi satellite state.
The second Salman's failure was Istanbul, when Edrogan decided to quit the Saudi sinking ship, stuck in Yemeni sands for more than a year. Erdogan refused to hand over the Islamist Flag to Salman to negotiate with IRAN. Instead he decided to do the negotiations and invited Rouhani to Ankara to develop economic ties with Tehran.   
On the other hand, by attending OIC Summit, smart Rouhani foiled the Zionist - Saudi plan   

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