Monday, 21 February 2011

Why do People Choose Islam & Why Revolution is a MUST?

A question that begs an answer:

"When given the freedom to vote, why do people in the Middle East end up voting for "Islamists" ?"

The toppled X-president Ben Ali of Tunisia -like his counterpart Husni Mubarak of Egypt, and the rest of tyrants of the Arab world- was a Secular, Liberal and Westernized DICTATOR. This corrupt puppet was supported and admired by the Western governments, his anti-Islam policies were glorified and his “moderate version” of Islam was puffed up and endorsed

Ben Ali has oppressed and terrorized his people for decades, he imprisoned them, starved them, closed down mosques, made it illegal for women to wear hijab, and for men to gather in mosques or to even grow beards

This was one of Ben Ali palaces, after liberation, please watch to the end, even though it’s in Arabic:

In contrast, this is the "Palace" of the so called "Islamists", the Palestinian Prime-minister Ismail Haneyeh, who has won a fair election in occupied Palestine
in 2006:

And here, the Prime-minister visiting and sharing food with his people in Gaza:

And here, we see his brother, the "Islamist" elected Iranian President, Ahmedinijad entertaining his guests and sharing a meal with them:

And here, we see the support for the Islamic Resistance Hizbullah in Lebanon

Is it any wonder then, that when given the freedom to vote, people in the Arab and Islamic world would choose the so called "Islamists"??


Western leaders and nations need to come to terms with the fact that people in the Middles East stand with those modest uncorrupted leaders who feel with them, those who defend the oppressed, give the needy and work to heal individuals and societies, those who genuinely represent them and speak their voices.

In the case of evil one cannot stand on the fence and claim neutrality and fairness.

We don't expect or accept a solution from those who created the problem in the first place.

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