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Feb. 21.2011 7:14 Pacific

Gadhafi remains defiant in brief TV appearance

Libyan leader says he has not left the country, signaling that he will attempt to remain in power despite country-wide calls for his ouster.

Pro-Gadhafi forces fight bloody battle as protests sweep Libya

At least nine towns in the east were reportedly under the control of protesters loyal to tribal groups; witnesses: Air force bombing protesters in Tripoli; death toll from violent clashes said to have reached more than 600; witnesses:

Egypt army: Libya border under control of 'people's committees'

It was unclear whether forces replacing border guards were members of opposition, or loyal to Gadhafi.

Peres: There will be a Libya without Gadhafi

At start of four-day visit to Spain, Peres calls it 'irony of history' that Libya leader recently expressed desire for a 'Middle East without Israel.'

Morocco king refuses to cede to 'demagoguery' as thousands rally for reform

The monarch, speaking after he chaired a ceremony for long-awaited appointments of members of a Social and Economic Council, said that building an effective democracy should go hand in hand with sustainable human development.

Passage of Iran ships through Suez delayed by 48 hours

Israel is following the movement of the warships closely, although it does not believe the Iranian vessels have hostile intentions toward Israel.

Nearly 3,000 Palestinians rally against U.S. veto on settlement resolution

Mass demonstration in Ramallah backed by members of Abbas' Fatah faction; Palestinian PM decries Obama's defense of the veto as 'offensive', offers concessions to Hamas in apparent show of frustration over U.S. policy.

Palestinian PM seeking to lure Hamas into unity government

In appeal to join forces with West Bank-ruling Palestinian Authority, Salam Fayyad says Hamas can maintain its authority over the Gaza Strip until elections.

Growing number of Libya officials join rebellion against Gadhafi

Justice minister, mission to UN, four other diplomats and two army officers declare allegiance to demonstrators over the government.

Unrest sparks fall in Mideast markets

Stock markets across the Middle East, and in particular the Gulf states, fell yesterday, with Dubai's largest exchange registering the steepest drop as unrest in the region lapped at the shores of oil kingpin Saudi Arabia.

Arrests in Zimbabwe for Seeing Videos

JOHANNESBURG — Dozens of students, trade unionists and political activists who gathered to watch Al Jazeera and BBC news reports on the uprisings that brought down autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt have been arrested on suspicion of plotting to oust President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Egypt sailing to safer shores

As Egyptians have been hard pressed to sleep over the past few weeks, the army is now doing its best to ensure that security returns to the country, writes Galal Nassar

European Jewish thinkers ‘call Israel to reason’
PARIS (AFP) - A group of European Jewish intellectuals has launched a drive to call Israel's government "to reason" in its conflict with the Palestinians, angering the leaders of some French Jewish groups.

Libya: UK revokes arms export licences as violence grows

Decision taken amid escalating violence against protesters emerges as David Cameron condemns 'vicious' response to protests in Libya

Pakistan defiant in face of US pressure to free CIA agent

Raymond Davis's immunity to be decided next month as PM asserts Pakistani sovereignty and dignity over murder case

Ivory Coast protesters killed calling for Laurent Gbagbo to step down

Security forces react violently in support of loser of last election who will not cede power, as African leaders form a panel to try to broker peace

Gaddafis warn their departure would lead to endless war in Libya. Why?

The Libyan leader claimed he was clinging to power to prevent tribal conflict
The current pro-democracy uprising in Libya is not even a week old yet the scale of the carnage and loss of life is already greater than that in Tunisia and Egypt.

WikiLeaks cables: A guide to Gaddafi's 'famously fractious' family

US embassy cables shed light on Gaddafi family – including son Saif al-Islam, who vowed in TV address to eradicate enemies

Israeli Media 'Fears' the New Egypt
Over the past three weeks the Israeli media has been extremely interested in Egypt. uring the climatic days of the unprecedented demonstrations, television news programmes spent most of their airtime covering the protests, while the daily papers dedicated half the news and opinion pages to the unfolding events.

Cameron in Egypt: 'Way forward is ballot box not bullet'

David Cameron has become the first foreign leader to visit Egypt since the fall of President Mubarak. The Prime Minister said he was there to encourage the process of reform. He met the country's new military leadership and the prime minister walked through Tahrir Square which was the focal point of Egypt's popular uprising.

Libya must stop bloodshed now, Clinton says

(Reuters) - The United States told Libya on Monday to stop shedding the blood of protesters seeking to end Muammar Gaddafi's 41-year rule and announced plans to evacuate some U.S. diplomats from the oil-exporting nation.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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