Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"Saad Hariri is a 'Yes Sir' man!"


Beirut1724/ November 3, 2007
Former Saudi Ambassador (and actual Minister) Abdul Aziz Khoja to J Feltman: 'Very worried' & convinced that Assef Shawkat conspires to kill Hariri & Siniora. Khoja goes on to describe Hezbollah as 'the devil' and hopes to reinstate the 'N-N' formula that calls for the election of Nassib Lahoud as President & Najib Miqati as 'transitional Prime Minster'... Khoja goes on to say that 'King Abdallah advised Hariri to wait his turn until after the paliemantary elections', and that Hariri had no choice but to say 'Yes Sir' ... Finally, Khoja told Feltman that Hariri asked him to mediate with the King to perhaps change his mind.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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