Tuesday, 27 December 2011

US Recruiting Spies through MEPI Program


In the context of a US plan to clamp down on young Jordanians, US Embassy in Amman is working on recruiting spies openly through the "MEPI" program.

"MEPI" provides tens of thousands of dollars for young people to pursuit "American democracy".

Moreover, embassy staff imposes tight control over social network to catch their goals and create illegal organizations and networks in the Jordanian street which suffers from the fact that poverty, unemployment, and lack of national spirit form fundamental reasons for Jordanian youth to join the US project."

Under the cover of the implementation of democracy, reform, women's empowerment, and enhancing the quality of education, "MEPI" agency or Middle East Partnership Initiative, works through funding of political individual project to stimulate young people to form organizations, whether legal or illegal, to obtain the announced financial support.

According to a source from within the "MEPI", the US State Department's initiative targeted young people in Jordan, where it doesn't stop at civil society's institutions but specialized cadres in the embassy move to encourage young people to establish organizations and bloc.

US initiative brings youths through money which reaches 150 thousand dollars, not less than 25 thousand dollars for each youth group.

The same source affirmed "MEPI" has achieved remarkable successes in Syria, where it has recruited many young people working under its command until reaching 1,700 young men between the ages of 17-34 years distributed over 13 organizations.

The great success was achieved in less than two months, as the financial procedures went quickly to facilitate the process of polarization; especially among young people suffering from financial hardship.

Source: Al-Liwa Jordanian Daily, Translated and Edited by moqawama.org

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