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Assef Shawkat's rockets hit Tel Aviv. And the military wing of Hamas refuse Khaled Meshaal's order to stop shelling


Egyptian PM just arrived to Gaza, according to Israeli channel II: Israel will stop fire 3 hours during Egypts Prime Minister's visit to the Gaza Strip.

BTW, Israel gave Hamad 4 hours.

Palestinian resistance launched 44 rockets after the arrival of Qandil.
An Israeli raid, during the visit, killed 2, injured 7 Palestinians.

After seeing some victims from the latest "Israeli" strike, in his press press conference in Gaza City's Shifa hospital, Qandil said "Egypt will not hesitate to intensify its efforts and make sacrifices to stop this aggression and achieve a lasting truce," without naming the aggressor.

Acording to Arab times, the Visit is an Indian film in Gaza funded by Qatar ... Jabari refused to receive Qatar Sheikh ... Israel Killed him

What happened yesterday in Gaza is an Indian film scenario played by Ismail Haniyeh, Khaled Mashaal and the sheikh of Qatar and Israel carried out scenario ...

The aim was to get rid of the only leader in Gaza, who refused to receive Sheikh Qatar (it is said that al-Zahar has agreed with him too).

Al-Jaabari was considered as an Irani pile responsible for the military escalation after the truce  sponsored by Egypt, The elders of Hamas always considered Jabari (a former Fathawi) as foreign to the movement

The disposal of Jabari is a blow to Iranian influence in the Gaza Strip and loyalists like Mahmoud Zahar, and Hamas leaders standing firm against calming projects in Gaza...

Jaabari is one of the most prominent leaders of the Qassam Brigades and served as the deputy commanding general of the battalions Ahmed Dhaif, and the de facto leader since the latter was wounded in an Israeli raid in 2003. The so-called "Chief of Staff of Hamas" in the Gaza Strip, is one of the most wanted by Israel. according to osevers Israel succeeded in eliminating on of the  prominent Palestinian leaders that still believes in military confrontation, and that such strike would push Hamas more and more to adopt the Political solutions and running.

And they add that Jabari known in Gaza as a man close to Iran, having links to Hezbollah, who supplied Hamas with weapons before changing its allegiances after starting protests in Syria early 2011. His death is a blow to the arms of Iran in the Palestinian territories, especially that Hamas began chasing the armed groups and confiscating their weapons, and arrest their members.

Jaabari was the master of the situation in Gaza, who refused the  truce option imposed by Brotherhood's Murshid on Hamas as a branch of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, run by the Murshid. Jaabari supported Zahar and distanced himself from the welcome off the Emir of Qatar during his recent visit to Gaza.

According to sources in Gaza Jabari and second row leaders within the Qassam Brigades were in charge of braking Hamas politicians who are thinking only of connecting channels of communication with Washington and Western capitals, in search of recognition of Hamas in Gaza.

The sources does not rule out that the end of Jaabari shall provide an opportunity for Hamas political leadership to engage in a game of Qatar implemented enthusiastically by Brotherhood in Egypt  to reassure the United States that the Brotherhood would not be adversaries to them, and they will maintain their interests against acceptance Brotherhood's rulling the region.

Analysts had confirmed that the visit the Emir of Qatar to Gaza, and reconstruction promises comes in the context of a plan "involving Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt" to tame Hamas and push it to abandon resistance.

Washington is not demanding fast recognition from Hamas for Israel, offering Hamas a formula that will satisfy its political leadership who wants to negotiate secretly, and refuses to recognize and coordinate publicly.....


Assef Shawkat's rockets hit Tel Aviv. And the military wing of Hamas refuse Khaled Meshaal's order to stop shelling

Arab times

The Egyptian Prime Minister shall visit Gaza tomorrow to contribute to solving the problem  between Hamas  political leadership (Meshal and his group) and the military wing of the movementwho lost its leader yesterday.
According to the information the military wing decided to rebel against the orders of the political leadership and hit Tel Aviv with long-range missiles Syria had sent to Gaza by Assef Shawkat who was assassinated by a terrorist group linked to Qatar

Israel assured by Qatar that things in Gaza control by the not expect srtong military reaction and began calling reseves. According to observers, the military wings of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the popular front factions decided to open its stores and hit Tel Aviv and Israeli cities heavily with wide alert for combatants to counter any possible ground attack by Israeli forces.
Hezbollah, whose elements  has delivered Assef Shawkat rockets into Gaza through the tunnels immediately entered on the line. In a speech today Hassan Nasrallah primarily condemned the assassination of Al-Qassam Brigades Field Commander Ahmed Al-Jaabari and presented condolences and congratulations to Hamas and the Palestinian people for the martyrdom of this "great leader" and the Palestinians who were killed in Israel's attacks, and continue to face this Israeli aggression. He expressed his confidence in Palestinian resistance indicating that "hitting Tel Aviv with Fajr-5 reveals the wisdom, courage, capability, and firmness of the Palestinian resistance".

"We, all of us, know and confident that the resistance in Gaza have the courage, toughness and the accumulation of experience and the development of capabilities to deal with this critical sitution. " he said

His eminence called all Arabs, Muslims, and all the free people in the world to take a real stance with Gaza and the resistance, "a serious stance by the Arab and Islamic countries, as well as the Arab League and the Islamic Cooperation Organization would stop the aggression," assuring that "these countries are able to force America to force Israel to stop its aggression on Gaza".


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watching the video of Gaza being shelled again is so weird. A twilight Zone time warp. It looks exactly like 2009.
Israel is the worst nightmare anyone could have...the worst disease anyone could get.