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Mursi: "we have to do to make a diplomatic action to restore the rights of the Palestinian people."

Mursi Slams Intervention in Syria, Supports Political Solution
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Egyptian President Mohammad MursiEgyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Wednesday told a meeting of Arab League ministers that he rejects any military intervention in Syria and support a political solution of Arab sponsorship to stop the bloodshed in the country.

“Syria, a founding member of the Arab League has a special place in the heart of every Egyptian, and we are responsible for the Syrian blood,” he said in his opening speech.

Mursi pointed out that Egypt “stands by the Syrian people in gaining their full rights with interfering in their domestic affairs,” adding that 'there is still a chance to end the bloodshed and start the change.”

The Egyptian President also announced his country's readiness “to send teachers to Turkey to carry out duties towards the Syrian refugees during the coming academic year."

On the other hand, Mursi believed that the Palestinian cause is the Arab nation’s first priority, stating that “the Arab nation will only present a just solution for the Palestinian issue."

Mursi, however, stressed the need to restore unity within Palestinian ranks and achieve reconciliation, adding "we have to do to make a diplomatic action to restore the rights of the Palestinian people."
The newly elected President told ministers at the Arab League headquarters that he wanted Egypt to "regain its natural place in the Arab world, contributing to help its people build a bright Arab future."
He said that Egypt had "unfortunately been absent from Arab work for a while."

"We return from this marginalization, where we have lived in recent decades, back to Egypt's natural historic role," Mursi said.

Police, anti-Assad Protesters Clash in Egypt
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Clashes at the Syrian embassy in Cairo; Sept 04, 2012Egyptian security forces have clashed with dozens of protesters in front of the Syrian Embassy in Cairo Tuesday, Newsday website reported.

A security official says seven protesters were arrested and 16 people were injured, including soldiers, in the stone-throwing clash, an official told media sources on condition of anonymity.

Protesters tried but failed to break through the security cordon surrounding the embassy building.

Clashes then spread to nearby U.S. Embassy, Newsday website added.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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