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Donald Trump Presidential Inauguration Unofficial SITREP, by Scott Humor

Donald Trump Presidential Inauguration Unofficial SITREP, by Scott Humor
It’s official, Donald Trump, a nice guy, moves into the White House.
His inauguration followed by very modest, small town America style parade.
Many Russian families watched the inauguration of the US president during their supper. Everyone loved that, finally,  a beautiful woman has become the first lady.
Globalization becomes a dirty word.
In brief, Obama’s policies helped the government of Russia to diversify its economy, to stop capital flight and to drastically improve relationships with other Eurasian countries. During the Obama administration, the Russian patriotic spirit has soared to new heights. Russian programmers and IT specialists also known as “Russian hackers” have been forever written into the history of the United States.
This fact has been acknowledged by their lesser known American colleagues like FaceBook which paid the highest award payments ever to the  Russian programmer and a security expert Andrey Leonov from SEMrush for hacking it.
The Inauguration of the new president took place on January 20, also known as the day of Crimea. In his inauguration speech Trump didn’t mention Ukraine.
Eight years ago when Obama became the president of the US, Russia was an “international gas station,” today he is retiring while Russia has become a super-power celebrated by the fireworks in Washington spelling USR, or United States of Russia.
The US visas were denied to those representative of the Ukrainian occupational regime a.k.a. Rada, including Timoshenko, who tried to make it to the Trump’s inauguration
According to Boris Blaher a.k.a. Borislav Bereza , the former Chief of communications for the Right Sector punitive armed formation, and currently a member of the parliament of Ukraine:  “While discussing this issue with some Washington  politicians it became clear that a part of the Ukrainian government, everyone of those who announced their trip in Washington, not only didn’t get visas, but were sanctioned in actuality and will never be able to enter the US.”
Bereza’s boss, the candy maker Petro Poroshenko, knows that the first lick is a key to commercial success
Ukraine congratulates Donald Trump on inauguration as 45th US President. Wishing success to fulfill noble goals of leading the free world

Bush Jr. didn’t let us down.
Some Inauguration Night humor
 Message to SJ(C)Ws @Webradius@CJCMichel@JoshTPM@El_Grillo1@5150Committee 

Photo published for Yes Social Justice Cold Warriors, It's All True -- молодец агент Дональд Трамп! за Родина!

Yes Social Justice Cold Warriors, It’s All True — молодец агент Дональд Трамп! за Родина!

A special message from James the Russian Analyst to special snowflake Social Justice Cold Warriors, junk pic selfie attention whoring ex-spooks and ‘former’ Mossad consulting wannabe spooks Glenn…
 Trump protesters destroyed offices of the Bank of America and McDonalds, after that they started jumping up and down, demanding a visa free regime to the European Union.
Notice a nice touch, a red-and-black Right Sector flag at 0:22, and screams Death to America!
Also, how remarkable that the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty just accidentally happened to be at the right place at exactly the right time.

OFF topic: Something needs to be done with CNN
CNN: Nancy Sinatra is not happy Trump will use her father’s song for inauguration.
Nancy Sinatra;  That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?
President Putin recently offered a new euphemism for prostitutes of all kinds, “people with low sense of social responsibility.
In America, these sort of people act exactly the same way they act in Russia.
Those of our readers who live in the US will be subjected to this every single day. and I promise you that in a short while  you will start understanding my general sentiments towards these people.

Anti-Trump protests
If only Ukrainian Berkut Police was that determined during Maidan. State power can be of any kind, but it should never be weak.
In his interview to France24 channel, the head of the English Language department of the UPVM Montpellier III, the Academy of Montpellier, Nicolas Gachon expressed concern about Trump’s protectionism policies.
He said that Trump wants to invest money into American scientists, but … “Strategic scientific researches in the United States have always depended on the foreign born scientists.”
As an illustration, two latest cutting edge discoveries made by the scientists from Israel and Australia.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the only president of the US who ever mentioned Russia in his “Second Inaugural Address” on Monday, January 21, 1957 .
“We honor, no less in this divided world than in a less tormented time, the people of Russia. We do not dread, rather do we welcome, their progress in education and industry. We wish them success in their demands for more intellectual freedom, greater security before their own laws, fuller enjoyment of the rewards of their own toil. For as such things come to pass, the more certain will be the coming of that day when our peoples may freely meet in friendship.”
There was no friendship lost between two nations in the 70s, 90s, in 2010s and now, sixty years after this speech, still there is no friendship in sight.
Do you, Americans, want to know why it’s impossible to have a friendship with you?
Because you make it conditional. Because you, people with an island mentality, talk down to us, continental people, and tell us what hoops we have to jump to earn your friendship, leaving yourself with no strings attached.
To us, the continental people, friendship like love, is something that is mutually and freely felt, not earned, served, or granted. Friendship, especially, is not something that comes along with bombs and export of social chaos.

February 20th, 2014 Battle on Institutskaya Street, Kiev Ukraine. Peaceful democratic demonstration brought to you by the US State department

That’s why when a new American president says:”We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone...” is in essence an unconditional offer of friendship ever uttered by an American politician.  We, Russians and all others, don’t have to accept it. We can ignore it, if this suits us better, but at least we know that it’s out there.

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