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On November 21, 2016, Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii had a meeting with then-Republican nominee Donald Trump to discuss matters that some had thought involved a possible appointment for her as secretary of state.  While she would have made a brilliant and principled top diplomat for the U.S., easily eclipsing the miserable and sleazy record of both her predecessors, the awkward John Kerry and the socially inept Hillary Clinton, the meeting’s purpose was not disclosed and Madame Gabbard was not discussing any such appointment.  It’s not easy being a rising star in the Democrat Party – it reduces your ability to seek out the opinions of others or to meet with perceived enemies to perhaps vet them or to influence their political trajectory.  Representative Gabbard had to respond to a media feeding frenzy when she met with now-president Trump.  She issued a statement in which she did not apologize, but, only, expressed her deep commitment to protect the people of the United States and Syria.  She was not forgiven by the entrenched reptiles of the MSM or the failed Democrat Party.
It was Donald Trump who contacted her about the meeting.  He was alerted to the fact that Tulsi Gabbard had opposed Obama’s reckless policies of empowering terrorists in order to achieve his malodorous goals of regime change anywhere his Zionist financiers deemed appropriate.  She called upon her government to follow international law and stop violating the laws of this country.  She introduced a bill in Congress strictly prohibiting the sale or delivery of weapons systems to either ISIS or Nusra/Alqaeda. That she had to do this is testament to the criminality of Barack Obama and his coven of mass-murdering savages called euphemistically, neo-conservatives.  Because Obama continued to violate American law with his malicious program of training and arming known terrorist groups, he is now a candidate for potential prosecution should Donald Trump find his way toward the kind of retribution this nation sorely needs.
Tulsi Gabbard is in some ways unassailable.  Despite her strongly anti-terrorist position in Syria and her willingness to openly defend the Syrian government, her army career insulates her against the tirades of the cowardly, mostly-Zionist neo-conservative sociopaths in Washington, D.C. who unabashedly urge Christian soldiers to go and fight their murderous wars of pure destruction solely for the purpose of promoting the rule-by-fiat of the Zionist Ghetto Apartheid Settler State. But, it also insulates her against the character assassination which the Mainstream Media here has perfected.  She has actually appeared on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN program during which you could watch him stiffen, slacken, scratch and squirm in the presence of a woman who had more substance to her than all the craven, flaccid,bloviating codpieces he showcases to advance his epoch-making narrative of boundless of lies.  Would it not have been surprising to see the hoary, bearded Ahkenazi yeki crawling under his chair with a sheepish look on his face as she bounced every one of his idiotic question back to him like a  professional Chinese table tennis player?
She arrived in Beirut Airport and took the drive under heavy security to Syria.  She had already alerted the Lebanese and Syrian authorities about her trip and she was afforded all the amenities of a major visiting dignitary.  She did not want publicity.  She took her own personal photos as part of her research into what was taking place in Syria.  She passed the areas contested between the government and the terrorists where the water pumps were located at the Waadi Baradaa in order to document terrorist war crimes.  She was then driven to Damascus where she met most major Syrian officials.  I will not discuss whether or not she met Dr. Assad.  It appears that that is a subject she purposefully wanted to keep ambiguous.
The trip took place just before the inauguration of Donald Trump as president.  What he must have told her on November 21, 2016 was to assure the Syrians that he did not share the views of his criminal predecessor.  He was strictly focused on eliminating ISIS and Alqaeda.  There would be no more chicanery.  No longer would American air power be used to strengthen and protect terrorists arrayed against a legitimate government fighting terrorism. No American operative would be embedded with the murderous nihilists.  Those days are over.
Donald Trump was born and raised in New York City. His own horror at seeing jumbo jets flying into the twin towers on September 11 must be engraved in his memory as though with a jackhammer.  This is no man who would tolerate the existence of groups capable of imposing so much terror on innocent people.  Trump has made it clear that he is not interested in injecting American values into other societies.  However, he is very interested in locking horns with the most monstrous of terrorist groups – ISIS and Alqaeda.  He knows from talks with Walid Phares, General Mattis and other consultants that there are no moderates in the opposition camp worth talking to.  If he decides to attend the negotiations in Astana on Monday, it will be to support the efforts of Russia to isolate and destroy the terrorist nihilists within.  He will send nobody to give succor to the deviant ghouls who pretend to seek freedom, democracy and dignity when, in fact, they seek only the destruction of the Western World through terrorism.
In point of fact, a group of opposition figures met with the American ambassador to Turkey on Friday and they were told that their cause was now on the 4th level of priority with President Trump.  It is clear the ambassador had received position papers from the president’s new national security advisor about how to deal with terrorists and their supporters.
Tulsi Gabbard visited Syria with one of America’s most honest and realistic politicians, Dennis Kucynich.  Clearly this trip was planned some time before the meeting of November, but, it could not have had the resonance and weight that it did until Donald Trump called Representative Gabbard to ask her to take on a task she would find most enriching.  She is now one of America’s most effective diplomats who can translate these kinds of experiences into legislative tinder to squelch the machinations of traitors and Saudi stooges like John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham.  Maybe she should consider a trip to Riyaadh to tell the Saudi clan that their days on this earth are numbered.

في الغوطة الشرقية.. الجيش يسيطر على
The town of Al-Bihaariyya and its rural surroundings have been totally liberated.  There is precious little time for Jaysh Al-Islam and their petulant child molesting leader, Abu Hammaam Al-Buwaydhaani.  They are being offered safe passage out of Doumaa to Idlib, if they choose.  Or, they can, like so many others accept amnesty and return to a normal life. Of course, Saudi Arabia continues to threaten them by withholding back pay, and the like.  But, in the final analysis, there is only one thing left for these huddled vermin, and that is death.  Take you pick.

‘Irbeen:  The SAF destroyed 3 c&c centers here today belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda.  No other details.

Hirzimma:  SAA is advancing in this very crucial area which connects Al-Mayda’aani and Al-Qaasimiyya.  The purpose is to block the route and isolate Nusra rodents in their present positions.  Once that is done, the vermin will be exterminated.

Hasreem and Kafr Batna:  SAA artillery responded to a ground-to-ground rocket attack from terrorists and managed to destroy 3 of their positions.

Hawsh Hajju:  25 kms from Homs City, 5 Nusra/Alqaeda vultures were killed by SAA forces in a battle.  The army destroyed a 4-wheel drive pickup with 14.5 mm cannon.  Of the 5 dead, these buzzards were identified:
Abdul-Baasit Suwayss
‘Abdul-Kaafi Al-Rasw

Tiyaas Hill:  SAA and PDC have restored complete control over this hill east of Station 4 Soverlooking the Tayfoor Airbase as of 5:00 p.m. today.  All the rats were ISIS.  Scores of them were seen escaping into the deep desert.

Al-Qaryatayn Axis:  Liberated completely along with Bi`r Al-Murr southeast of Tayfoor AB.
Brandon discusses Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s visit to Syria and not without some tongue in his cheek over the MSM’s reaction:
These are members of the so-called “opposition” standing at the Wailing Wall (Herod’s Wall).  They are the traitors ‘Issaam Zaytoon and Sayrawaan Kaaju, a Kurd.  Their execution awaits them at the hands of the Palestinian people.  May God burn them in Hell.   Note the yarmulkas.   
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