Friday, 8 May 2009

Five More Mossad Agents

Five More Mossad Agents Arrested in Lebanon
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08/05/2009 Security forces have arrested Friday five individuals in various southern towns on suspicion of collaborating with the Israeli Mossad.

Sources told Al-Manar that the security forces arrested (S. Abbas) and (R. Bazzi) in the southern town of Bent Jbeil on suspicion of dealing with the Zionist entity. They also arrested (H. Abbas) in the southern town of Qana on the same suspicion.

Earlier, a security source said that the suspects arrested in Ghaziyyeh were identified as brothers (H. Shehab) and (M. Shehab). It added that “security forces are searching their house for evidence and that they are being interrogated.”

Until today, the number of collaborators arrested since the beginning of 2009 has risen to 22. They have been referred to military court after they had been charged for collaboration with the enemy.

Moussawi: Spread of Spy Cells Result of Attacks on Resistance
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08/05/2009 Hezbollah candidate in the southern Tyr district Sayyed Nawwaf Moussawi said on Thursday that one of the root causes for the spread of the Zionist entity's spy networks in Lebanon was represented by the political attacks on the Resistance, which pave the way for Israel to recruit informants and spies.

Speaking during an electoral meeting in Tyr, Moussawi warned that dealing with the Resistance as an element which needs to be eliminated, or saying that its weapons contradict the unity of Lebanon, opens the way for Israeli penetration.

The Hezbollah candidate stressed that the spying networks prove some people’s lack of national pride. "We need to find the reasons behind this disease and find a cure for it," he said.


The Magority ruling Lebanon lack national bride.
Is it a concidance that most of the spy cells were "discovered" now ahead of election, by the information security off loyal to Hariri?

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