Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The uneasy retreat from Iraq

Our tax dollars come with strings attached
By yaman

Jewish-American group Jewish Voice for Peace is launching a campaign aimed at counteracting AIPAC, the lobbying group implicated in a number of scandals involving foreign agents suspected of spying on America for Israel.

In a message sent to supporters today, communications director Cecilie Surasky announced that JVP had purchased a truck advertisement circling outside the conference in Washington D.C. to greet the conference's attendees, who include Congresspeople, the Vice President, local and state leaders, and university students.

JVP also has volunteers pamphleting the area with a very simple message that captures the responsibility Americans have for Israel's war crimes: our taxes come with strings attached. They've also set up a website where you can send the same message to your representatives in Congress at WithStringsAttached.org.

In her e-mail, Surasky also calls out AIPAC on its double-speak regarding "peace:"

Surely at the conference many will speak about peace. In fact, the conference platform talks about 'peace principles.' But simply talking about peace is cheap.

AIPAC insists on more unconditional military aid to Israel, without taking stock of--or even mentioning--the attacks on civilians in Gaza.

AIPAC decries any divestment from the Israeli occupation--do they even know there's an occupation?--but pushes for divestment from Iran.

We are there now to remind them that there are real people and real lives being destroyed by US support for the occupation.
With the world roundly condemning Israel for the massive violence it inflicted on the civilian population of Gaza this January, now is the time to challenge the lobbies that funnel American tax dollars to Israel to enable war crimes. Kudos to JVP for spearheading this initiative.

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