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Palestinians in 2010 Deserve No Less than Jewish Yemenites in 1990's

Mohamad Shmaysani

15/09/2009 Truth be told, a vast majority of Arabs have been attentively keeping up with Ramadan’s Arabic soap operas, barely finding time for other, well, less important matters.

Westerners, who couldn’t care less about an “idle” world that spends more than 6 hours attached to the TV screen and another 8 hours sleeping, have recently shook the grounds under the Israelis when they uncovered a zionist crime against Palestinians. But the impact here was so resounding that most Arabs have been ‘speechless’!

Swedish journalist Donald Boström of the widely circulated newspaper, Aftonbaldet earned encomium from some Arab circles for exposing an Israeli crime against human life and dignity during the war on Gaza.
Boström’s article title “Our sons plundered for their organs” emphasized the agony of the Palestinians who have been suffering not only from Israeli crimes but from the Arab silence and desertion as well.

The Swedish article infuriated Israel and pro-Israeli groups and resulted in a diplomatic crisis between the two countries. The article says that the Israeli army assisted in organ theft from Palestinians killed by troops and that body parts had been removed during unauthorized autopsies performed in occupied territories. What is more shocking about the report is that this has been going on since the first Intifada.

Yehuda Hiss, director of the Abu Kabir institute in the late 1980s was the doctor behind the large scale harvest of organs. He admitted to the crime, but he was never jailed. He oversaw the autopsies of Palestinians and his ‘trade’ was first uncovered in 2000 by the widely read Yedioth Aharonoth daily.

Odd how Arab media ‘misses out’ such crimes when, alas, it is obvious that what they are airing during this month of Ramadan is merely aimed at reminding Arabs of their chivalrous characteristics and their epics against the French colonial forces in the Levant or the Arabs’ secret intelligence wars with the Israeli Mossad.

However, in the interactive world of the internet where unfortunately the 40% of illiterate Arabs do not live, an anti-zionist blogosphere and many western, Arab and Muslim media outlets have been giving such Israeli crimes great attention.

The organ theft scandal in Israel is likely to have a domino effect as similar crimes by Israeli organizations in the Arab world have been unearthed; an international zionist conspiracy to kidnap Algerian children and harvest their organs.

The story was first reported by Algeria's Al-Khabar daily which revealed that bands of Moroccans and Algerians have allegedly been roaming the streets of Algeria's cities kidnapping young children, who are then transported across the border into Morocco. From the Moroccan city of Oujda, the children are then purportedly sold to Israelis and American Jews, who then harvest their organs for sale in Israel and the United States. The organs are said to fetch anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000.

Dr. Mustafa Khayatti, head of the Algerian National Committee for the Development of Health Research, has linked the crime to the group of pro-Israeli US politicians and rabbis who were arrested recently in New York. But Khayati warned that although “these Jewish organ trafficking gangs have been arrested, other such gangs remain active in several Arab countries.” The Iranian Press TV linked the gang to Israeli Rabbi Levi Rosenbaum who was recently arrested in New Jersey for his direct role in illegal human organs trade.

Evidence to back such a story is always questionable as some commentators maintain in their bid to discredit a fellow Arab journalist’s story, instead of combining efforts to make an in-depth investigation into the circumstances.

"The report "sounds as though Dr. Khayatti is well connected within the FBI and has access to Interpol documents...Needless to say; neither Al-Khabar nor PressTV provided a source for their story, other than an obscure low-level Algerian bureaucrat," wrote Hassan Masiky, a reporter for the American Moroccan news service MoroccoBoard.com.

It is not really that hard to unearth stories implicating Israeli mafia in crimes including organ and children trafficking. History recalls that in the 1950’s, the same Dr. Hiss was implicated in a scandal involving Yemenite Jewish children adopted by Ashkenazi couples. Yemenite Parents had been informed that their children had died, usually after admission to hospital.
However, Yemenite parents have continued pressing for answers, and forced officials to reopen the files.

Today, as some journalists are undermining such stories, Palestinian families are denied the right to speak in international courts when they deserve nothing less than the Jewish Yemenite families.

Moroccan Hassan Masiky wonders: "Who are these kidnapped [Moroccan] children? Where are their parents? Who conducts these organ harvesting operations? How are the children and the organs transported from Morocco to Israel? And more importantly, how can the Algerian army allow such illicit traffic to go unabated?"

The Swedish journalist relayed the oppressed people’s demand for justice. Donald Boström, the ‘western’ reporter who travelled thousands of miles to Palestine, relied on the answers and testimonies of Palestinians whose loved ones’ organs were plundered.

But one thing’s for sure; as proud Arabs, we will never know the answers to Masiki’s questions while watching TV, having dessert and bemoaning our grandfather’s chivalry and noble characters.

If I were the Israeli chief propagandist,

I would plant such stories in Western press, precisely for such objective and to put Western governments on the defensive and to milk them for more support for Israel. As a matter of fact, I would not be surprised if this story is such a plant.

With so much fact on the side of the Palestinians, why go out on a limb with such a story? Let us not allow Israel to throw away the baby with the bath water.

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