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Shahid Alam – Shoe Jihad: A Satirei


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Shahid Alam – Shoe Jihad: A Satirei

By Guest Post • Sep 16th, 2009 at 7:14 • Category: Features, Music, Poetry, Events, Newswire, Palestine, Resistance, Somoud: Arab Voices of Resistance

r1610147667The time has come, the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing wax—
Of cabbages—and kings… (
Lewis Carroll)

These kleptocrats throw themselves at the feet of Western plutocracies: they spurn the real source of power – their own people – seeking clientage under Western boots.

Lesser rogues gravitate to bigger ones: this is the law of global hegemony.

This tendency emerges again and again as long as its victims stay hidebound.

These lesser rogues – Zardari, Karzai, Abdullah, Mubarak, Abbas – will get their marching orders from DC, hold down their own people for a fee, unless the people, every one of them,
pick up their shoes, sandals, chappals (any old footwear will do), and point them at these scoundrels, a shot across the bow of their kleptocracies.

If this does not work (and it might not), ask the shoe-throwing Iraqi.
He knew better what to do with a shoe.

M. Shahid Alam teaches economics at Northeastern University. He is author of Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism (Palgrave Macmillan, November 2009). He may be reached at

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Anonymous said...

Handsome man has a big foot..... I would take it easy on the display of the shoe throwing, despite that Bush might have-or is- guilty and deserving of a good shoe whack it doesn't help create peace by creating pain. I realize that the U.S. government may be heavily guilty -I don't claim to know a thing- we really should remember that if we make ourselves like our enemies then we are no better than they are and our fighting with the rulers of the nations becomes pointless and appears hypocritical. I believe there is resistance to make a change to help the real victims, it doesn't help to rehash pain in nonconstructive ways.
Then again, a shoe is far better than a gun, so Mr. Bush should be very thankful and appreciative that it was a shoe and not a death penalty.

~K~ Best wishes.

Nadia said...

"a shoe is far better than a gun,"

I bet, that Handsome man with big foot would have prefered to use a gun

Nadia said...

Lebanon’s Palestinians 27 Years after the Sabra Shatila Massacre

Anonymous said...

maybe he did prefer a gun, but he didn't use a gun, yeah security makes it hard, but if he really wanted to he'd have found a way to use bullets rather than shoes, at some point of President Bushes presence in the country.

When I said "handsome man has a big foot," it carries several meanings, none of them should be understood as an insult though because its not the case.

Yes, the meaning "handsome man" that's obvious what that means, "has a big foot" can mean 'he took it upon himself to carry out vengeance' even though it was an emotional time for him it would have been better not to, why? Because most of the people in developed worlds really don't care as much as they should care if they care at all, why? propaganda, how? entertainment, movie industry, people are brainwashing themselves by means of what they create and watch.

Too many people in the USA and other developed countries do love war, fantasize about it when they are watching it in movies and theatres, eating popcorn while people are being tortured and blown to pieces, the "don't worry its just a movie" attitude is carried with them throughout life not just when they're watching falsehood.

Those soldiers from Britain and USA, probably kill for fun because they thinks it's okay, not realizing to the full degree, what they're doing to more than just the person they've killed.

If you live in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, or any other war torn country, it is likely that you are the only person who truly cares.

I am so sorry. ~K~