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SHOCKING~Israel Offers "Help" To Palestinians in East Jerusalem


Israel wants to help Palestinians in East Jerusalem and they have come up with a plan to demonstrate how “inclusive” they can be towards Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Dr. Menachem Klein is a senior lecturer in the political science department at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel. And at a big meeting last night he outlined his proposal to “help” the Palestinians and to give them their capitol, should they ever get their own country back. What a guy, what a humanitarian, what a peace bringer………..
Dr. Menachem Klein has an idea for peace between Israel and Palestine: annex East Jerusalem to restore a Jewish majority and give the Palestinians their own capital.
Great Idea, let’s boot them out of their homes and land we stole, relocate them elsewhere as refugees, and give them some shitty little patch of land that Israel does NOT want for their shining new “capitol” this, my friends, is “Zionist Logic” at work. More:
His idea was part of last night's lecture, "The Future of Jerusalem and the Peace Process," that took place in the Kimmel Center. According to Klein, after acquiring East Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, Israel developed a vision of a "Jewish Jerusalem" that would include the new territory. This was consistent with the Zionist concept of a Jewish homeland with a Jewish majority. Klein explained that the fulfillment of the vision of a Jewish majority is jeopardized due to the rising Arab population in East Jerusalem.
Due to the “rising Arab population in East Jerusalem”??? What he really means is that Israel has not removed or killed enough of them yet. It’s their land, they live there, they legally own it, but that does not matter. What Israel wants, Israel steals, and it’s that simple. More:
To rectify that, he suggested that the area be connected.
Awe, look he’s being all inclusive now…bless)
"The city is physically united. However, it is demographically divided," Klein said.
(Because of Israel’s occupation of it!
Without the annexation, he said, "No peace can be achieved between Israel and Palestine."
Without booting them out by force, or in REAL terms Ethnically Cleansing the area, there cannot be peace. Why? Because e those silly stubborn Arabs don’t want to hand over their homes and land to Israel, so they can become refugees like the millions of other Palestinians, Imagine that! More Zionist logic:
He described the relocation of new settlements to East Jerusalem and the construction of a security wall around them. The effects are an increase in Jews and an isolation of Palestinian cities. Other effects include immobility for Palestinians because they do not possess all of the rights guaranteed to Israeli citizens.
Look at that, an omission of racism and apartheid conditions! and lastly the excuse why Israelis cannot leave East Jerusalem, again, using Zionist logic:
Using maps, Klein illustrated the geographic and demographic disadvantages that make the movement of settlements futile. His use of maps also portrayed the unfairness of Israel's attempts to cut off Palestinian cities.
Now, I loved that last line, the “unfairness to Palestinians” don’t you love all the gaping holes in Zionist logic? How it refuses to address or acknowledge the REALITY that Israel itself created the entire nightmare that is East Jerusalem by stealing it and occupying it and removing Palestinians and planting Jews on their land? Ah, but never mind, facts are never used in Zionist Logic, it’s against Zionist laws. Here's a novel thought, why doesn't Israel just return all the stolen land, relocate all the illegal squatters on Palestinian lands, stop occupying other countries, sign up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, adhere to UN resolutions, and then Israel can have peace, if it really wants it that is....... source

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