Thursday, 17 September 2009

Updating the Blog

Dear readers

Sorry for being away, without notice. I am shortsighted and was using eyeglases for more than 20 years. Yesterday I did a Lazik surgery and was not able to update the blog for more that 36 hours.

With blured vision I did best to update the Blog, but was not able to check the comments.

Looks like I need an eyeglasses for reading. I think I have to wait few days to see if I would manage without it. I am not able to see the keybord's buttons clearly, and I am using my wives glasses now. to write this note.

I hope Michael would take care of the blog in the comming days, especially the comment section.


PersonalFailure said...

Good luck! If you do end up needing glasses, I get mine at It was affordable, the glasses were good quality and the customer service is great.

nagi said...

Thanks Up, I shall do my best